How to Store Lime so that it lasts, lasts up to a month!

How to Store Lime so that it lasts, lasts up to a month!

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How to store limes so that they are durable and long is easy to do, that’s it. If practiced, in addition to maintaining freshness, lime also avoids wrinkles. Go read the review here!

Properties People, lime is one of the ingredients in the kitchen that is often available in large quantities.

You generally can’t buy them individually, right?

Therefore, when you have limes in abundance, you need to know how to store them so that they last.

In addition, the benefits of lime are very different, in the sense that it is not only fixed on the kitchen.

For example, to remove fishy smells, remove grease on dishes or glasses, for health, etc.

So, according to various sources, here’s how to store limes to last.

How to Store Lime so hard

1. Put in Plastic and Cover Tightly

how to store lime so that it lasts

Lime should be stored in the refrigerator so that it stays fresh and lasts longer.

In any case, it is better if, before putting it in the refrigerator, you first wrap it with used paper.

Cut the paper container to the length and width that has been adapted to the size of the lime.

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After that, put in plastic and tie or close tightly.

Make sure that the lime you put in the plastic is completely dry.

So, don’t keep the orange in the bottom of the fridge, but keep it in the middle of the fridge.

2. Freezing lime

Launch from the page livestrong.comThe way to store limes to last and last for weeks is to freeze them.

There are two tricks you can do, Property People.

First, prepare a glass container with a lid, then wash the lime well.

Next, cut the lime into pieces.

Add the liquid sugar or orange juice and let the lime boil.

Make sure that there is a little space between one orange and the other because it does not exclude that the orange can expand when it is frozen.

So, the second trick is to freeze the limes without anything added.

Just wash it and put it in a glass jar, close it, then look inside freezer.

3. How to Store Peeled Limes

how to choose files

Collect pangan.saiagri.idHere’s how to store peeled limes to last.

For your information, this step is almost the same as the second point, but there are slight differences.

Here’s more:

  • Wash the lime until it is completely clean.
  • Place the pieces to the size that has been adjusted.
  • Close the peeled oranges and freeze them.
  • If it is frozen, you can transfer it to a bag and then label it with the date.
  • Keep it inside freezer.

How to choose a good lime

A good lime usually has a sufficient water content.

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So, when choosing a good lime, there are things you should pay attention to.

1. Pay Attention to Lime Skin Texture

Launch kompas.comgood limes generally have skin that tends to be thin.

When choosing oranges in the market, try to squeeze the orange a little.

If the texture of the skin feels soft when you press it, it means that the lime is ripe and contains a lot of water.

2. Choose orange as the color

How to choose a good lime can also be done according to the color of the skin.

Choose limes that have a slightly yellow green color.

Lime with this color is suspected to have a strong taste and is suitable for making drinks or cooking ingredients.


That is how the store limes so that they last together with tips on choosing them, Property People.

Hope useful, yes.

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