How to store lime leaves so they last and don’t dry out quickly

How to store lime leaves so they last and don’t dry out quickly

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How yeah how to store lime leaves at home so that they are durable and no rotten fast? Go, discover the information in this article!

One of the most common leaf species for cooking is the lime leaf.

In addition to being able to add to the taste of food, the aroma is also very fresh and can add to the taste of food.

Using lime leaves, guaranteed eh cooking can be more tasty and make people at home have an appetite for food.

As an indispensable spice in many Indonesian dishes, of course we have to save kaffir lime leaves as a stock for cooking spices.

Let it last for a long time and no dries quickly, you really need it no Do you know how to store lime leaves to last?

Launching from different sources, we see the explanation in the description below.

How to save orange leaves to last

lime leaves

1. Buy Fresh Orange Leaves

The first way to store lime leaves is, of course, you have to buy fresh products first.

Yes, if you want to store lime leaves for stock at home, it is better to choose those that are not dry and still green.

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The characteristics of fresh lime leaves are dark green in color and have a fragrant aroma.

So, the leaves also look shiny and slippery when held.

2. Store in a closed container

After purchasing fresh lime leaves, the next step you can try is to provide a closed container.

This is done so that the leaves of lime are not contaminated by the outside which makes the spices dry.

You can use a choice of containers made of hermetic plastic material or glass that can be closed.

3. Put in Plastic

If you no If you have an airtight container, you can too cook put lime leaves in plastic.

hey, Do not use the used ones, you have to use plastic clips that can be closed and always clean.

Make sure the plastic is completely sealed so that air does not contaminate the lime leaves.

4. Cut the Orange Leaves

Before storing in a container, friends should cut half of the lime leaves.

You can cut or cut the lime leaves into small pieces, then put them in a container.

This is done to save space and make it easier for you to take lime leaves.

5. Storing in the Refrigerator

lime leaves in a container

After placing in a container or plastic, you can store the lime leaves in the refrigerator.

To save, clean the fresh lime leaves from the remaining soil by removing them.

Then put it in the bag zip lockthen look on the refrigerator shelf.

6. Save in Freezer

Lime leaves last longer if stored freezer.

This storage process can take several months.

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Keep the lime leaves freezer it can be done in several stages.

Before storing, the lime leaves must be washed first so that they are free from dirt.

Then, dry the removed lime leaves with a paper towel.

Next, put the lime leaves in the zip lock bag and then put it in freezer.


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