How to store frozen food without a refrigerator to keep it long-lasting. I must know!

How to store frozen food without a refrigerator to keep it long-lasting. I must know!

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How to save frozen foods without a refrigerator can be done with a few easy steps. In addition to maintaining durability, frozen foods it will stay fresh that’s it. Go ahead, read the full review here!

Frozen foods it is a packaged food that can be processed practically and quickly so that it becomes a favorite of many people.

Apart from the various types, frozen foods on the market is relatively easy to obtain.

Some examples frozen foods among others nuggetsausages, fish brains, dumplings, fresh fish, etc.

Well, in the storage process, generally this food is placed in the refrigerator or freezer.

This is done so that it lasts longer and maintains its freshness.

However, what if you don’t have a refrigerator or your refrigerator is broken?

Before, to know, the food can last several days without a refrigerator.

While for frozen foodsOne thing that should be considered to last a long time without a refrigerator is to choose the best quality.

Therefore, I will show you how to save frozen foods without a refrigerator to maintain durability aka durable.

Launch different sources, here are the steps you can take!

How to save Frozen foods No Refrigerator

1. Do not unpack

frozen food packaging

First of all, how to save frozen foods without a refrigerator all you can do is not open the wrapper or packaging.

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The reason is that if this happens, bacteria will easily get into the frozen food so that it has the potential to spoil quickly.

It’s good, packaging frozen foods just opened when they want to be processed or cooked.

Thus, the food will be much more durable or can last quite a long time.

2. Wrap In Airtight Container

If you don’t have a refrigerator, pack it frozen foods in a soundproof container can be a solution so that it lasts.

Some examples of soundproof containers in question include closed containers or containers that use plastic wraps, aluminum wraps, and so on.

3. Store in a container of cold water

You can also try putting the food in a container of cold water to store the food frozen foods no refrigerator.

First, pack first frozen foods in a soundproof container, then store in a container of cold water.

Soak the frozen food for 2 hours and change the cold water periodically.

4. Store in a Container of Ice

fish and prawns

In addition to cold water, how to store nugget no refrigerator or frozen foods what can be done is to put it in a container full of ice.

For information, ice cubes can slow down the food spoilage process so that it lasts longer.

save nugget or various types frozen foods in a plastic container or styrofoam then put it in a container that already contains ice cubes.

Make sure that the container containing the ice cubes is large enough so that the ice cubes can hold more.

5. Process directly or fried

If the frozen food you buy has been opened, it is best to process it immediately.

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In a sense, do not leave the food for a long time.

Why, product frozen foods those that have been opened will not last long without a refrigerator.

However, the life of the opened packaging can reach 5 to 8 hours if it is stored at room temperature.

Therefore, you can directly process or fry the frozen food if it is really to be consumed right away.


Here are some ways to save frozen foods without a refrigerator to make it last longer, Property People.

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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