How to solve digital TV without signal with the cause!

How to solve digital TV without signal with the cause!

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Digital TV at home can not detect the broadcast signal? You don’t want to be scared. Just take a look at how to overcome the following digital TV without signal!

From November 2022, a number of areas affected by ASO (Analog shutdown) can no longer watch analog television broadcasts.

Instead, people can only watch digital television broadcasts.

This digital TV transmission has several advantages over analog TV transmissions, such as clearer picture quality results and shock resistance.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that must be faced during this transition period.

One of them is a digital television that cannot show broadcasts because there is no signal.

To solve this problem, you can do the following ways.

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How To Overcome Digital TV No Signal

1. Make sure your TV supports DVB-T2

how to fix digital TV no signal tv supports DVB-T2

Not all modern televisions, such as LED TVs and Smart TVs, can be called digital TVs.

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The main feature of the digital TV is that it supports the DVB-T2 function.

In addition, digital televisions usually have a menu function for scanning digital broadcast signals.

If the television at home does not have these characteristics, it is more likely that the device is not a digital TV.

As a result, this television cannot receive digital signals.

Therefore, make sure that you have an electronic device according to the characteristics that have been mentioned before.

If you don’t have a digital television, you can still watch digital broadcasts using it set top box (STB).

2. Make sure that the Cable Antenna is properly marketed

The next way to solve digital TV with no signal is to make sure the antenna cable is connected properly harbor provided

Not only that, also make sure that the cable is not damaged and the television port is not dirty.

3. Check the digital TV broadcast signals in the area of ​​residence

how to fix digital tv no signal signal quality control


Next, you can check the range of digital television broadcast signals available in your place of residence.

To check the signal range, you can use the SignalTVDigital application.

Before starting the process of checking the signal coverage, make sure that you have granted permission to access the location function of the app.

Then, click on the “shoot” icon to start scanning for available signals in your home area.

Once scanned, a notification from the issuer will appear multiplexing (mux) covering the domicile area.

Then click ‘see mux detail’ to view detailed information about available digital television signals.

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This information usually includes the strength of the signal, the type of service, the operator mux, frequency, and more.

The application can also display a list channel which can be accessed in the domicile area by touching the “gallery” icon.

4. Adjust the Direction of the Antenna and Make Sure It’s Placed with Minimal Obstacles

In the SignalTVDigital application, there is a function in the form of a map that shows information about the signal strength of digital television broadcasts in an area.

Meanwhile, areas with strong signals are marked in red on the map.

Meanwhile, green or yellow indicates a moderate signal strength and blue indicates a weak signal.

If the app shows blue, try reorienting the antenna to an area with stronger digital signal conditions.

In addition to changing its direction, make sure that the antenna is not placed in a place where there are many obstacles such as trees, buildings or buildings.

Antennas located in a place with minimal obstacles can receive digital signals optimally.

Causes of digital TV signal loss

cause of lack or lack of transmission signal

1. Antenna is not yet supported

The reason for digital TV with no signal is that the antenna used is not digital yet.

This makes the signal difficult to detect on a regular television.

2. Problematic connector

The lost digital TV signal could be due to the connector used is not installed correctly.

This condition can be caused by loose, rusted cables, or it can be internal damage.

3. Antenna Cable Broken

A damaged digital television antenna cable could be the cause of the transmission not being detected.

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The reason is, a chipped cable can produce a broadcast image that is not clear.

4. Bad weather

Bad weather where you live, such as rain and strong wind, can sometimes have an impact on the UHF antenna switch position.

As a result, the performed frequency reception process failed.

5. Antenna Height Factor

If the antenna is installed at the right height, analog television can capture broadcasts with good quality.

On the other hand, if the height of the installation is not correct, the transmission quality will decrease.


I hope that the discussion on how to solve digital TV there is no signal above can be useful for Owners, yes!

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