How to set up the complete universal TV remote control, without complicated use!

How to set up the complete universal TV remote control, without complicated use!

Cara Universal TV Remote Setting

darling putting the distance Universal TV is very easy and can be done in many ways. Check out the steps below, go!

Remote A damaged or missing television (TV), of course, makes it difficult to watch TV.

If this happens, there is no need to worry. Why, you can also use it far away universal tv that can be used by TVs of different brands.

As a result, you can go back to watching TV comfortably.

Even so, far away Universal TVs should be arranged so that they fit the TV brand.

So, how to do it putting the distance Universal TV? Check out the explanation below, yes!

What is that Remote Universal TV?

In fact, far away Universal TV equal far away TV in general, which is used to operate the TV.

But what makes the difference is, far away Universal TV can be used for different brands and types of TV.

In short, far away Universal TV is a substitute far away Original TV that can no longer be used.

Because of that, far away Universal TV must beparameter first to do the job well.

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darling Remote Setup Universal TV without code

Cara universal tv remote setting


1. Turn on the TV

One of the ways putting the distance The easiest universal TV is to use the help of the volume buttons.

Regardless of the brand and type of TV, when it comes to installing far away Universal TV always make sure the TV is on or on.

So, come closer far away TV on TV indicator light.

2. Pressing the Set button

Next, press and hold the set button until the indicator light far away turn on.

Then, press the volume + button repeatedly until it says volume on the TV screen.

Try pressing the volume button -. If the volume of the TV is reduced, then far away The TV has been turned on successfullyparameter.

3. Turning Off the Set Button

If the above steps are successful, you can turn off the indicator light.

The method is very easy, you just need to press the set button until it comes out.

darling Remote Setup Universal TV with code

This method is also very easy to do. Usually, the steps established far away Universal TV is listed in the manual when far away first time bought.

For example, here is how putting the distance Universal TV for Panasonic brand.

  • Hold down the set button until the indicator light turns on
  • After the indicator light is on, you can release the set button
  • Enter or press the code far away depending on the TV brand. For Panasonic TVs, the code is 020, 001 or 014
  • Choose one of these codes
  • After entering the code, usually the indicator light will turn off if successful
  • Check the button far awayis it working or not
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List of codes Remote Universal TV 2022

The following is a list of codes far away The ultimate universal TV.

Brand TV Password Remote TV
Panasonic LCD 066, 059, 020, 001, 014, 015, 021, 022
Panasonic 020, 001, 014, 015, 021, 022, 059
LCD Philips 174, 024, 241, 242, 039, 040, 043, 141
Philips 024, 039, 040, 043, 141, (174-PIP) 241, 242
Polytron 147, 151, 017, 253, 152, 024, 150, 053, 120, 043
Akira 016, 115, 102, 178, 045, 224, 181, 073, 104, 124, 103, 147, 151
Toshiba 128, 089, 090, 014, 016, 027, 053
LG LCD 024, 140

darling Remote Setup TV Using Apps

how to set the distance of the TV with the application


In addition to using the above method, you can also set far away Universal TV with app.

Only with smartphonesyou can watch comfortably, eh. Here’s how:

  • Open the Google Play Store App
  • Download and install the App Peel Smart Remote
  • If you are successfulinstallopen the app
  • Search or type TV brand, click button laterPress the button power until the TV turns on

Well, there are different ways putting the distance Universal TV. Easy isn’t it?

Hope this article helps, eh!

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