How to set the temperature of the Polytron refrigerator so that it cools down quickly

How to set the temperature of the Polytron refrigerator so that it cools down quickly

How to set the temperature of the Polytron Refrigerator

Do you want to keep the temperature of the Polytron cold? Here are different ways to regulate the temperature of the Polytron refrigerator that you should know!

Polytron is a company that produces quality home electronics.

Starting from LED TVs, washing machines, air conditioner (AC), rice cookeruntil the blender.

Not to forget, this Indonesian company also produces refrigerators with the best features.

When buying a new refrigerator product from Polytron, of course Property People need to make arrangements first, including adjusting the temperature of the refrigerator to keep it cold.

This is not only for new refrigerators, but also for those of you who have owned a Polytron refrigerator for a long time.

So, how do I adjust the temperature of the Polytron refrigerator to keep it cold? Check out the information below, go!

How to set the temperature of the Polytron Refrigerator

how to adjust the temperature of the polytron refrigerator to keep it cold


If you have a refrigerator in your home, it is very important to keep it cold so that drinks and food can last longer and stay fresh.

If the temperature in the refrigerator decreases, it is also unstable, this risks damaging what is in it.

The Polytron refrigerator itself consists of two types, some have 1 door and 2 door designs.

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Each type of Polytron refrigerator certainly has a different way of adjusting the temperature.

Below is how to set the temperature of the Polytron refrigerator based on the type of refrigerator.

1. Polytron 1 Door Refrigerator

The first way to adjust the temperature of the Polytron 1 door refrigerator is to pull the handle or handle first door

Next, look for the temperature setting button at the bottom freezer the highest.

After that, turn the dial to the desired temperature.

For information, the Polytron 1-door refrigerator only has temperatures from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius.

If Property People want a standard cold temperature, they can choose a temperature of 2 to 3 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, if you want to make ice cubes faster, choose a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius or the maximum temperature.

2. Polytron 2 Door Refrigerator

The way to set the temperature of the Polytron 2-door refrigerator is to first open the top door.

Next, look for the button with the words 1 to 5 (temperature indicator).

If you want the refrigerator to output the maximum temperature, turn the knob to the largest number.

In any case, if you want a standard cold, just point the number to the number 3.

The next step is to open the bottom door, then look for a button marked with the numbers 1 to 5, and return to the desired temperature or temperature.

Top tips for Polytron refrigerators

polytron fridge


There are many Polytron refrigerators sold in the market with different types.

Each type of course has its advantages.

nah The following are recommendations for the best Polytron refrigerators that can be used as references.

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1. Refrigerator Polytron 1 Door Pro 15Gor

This Polytron product has a domestic electricity consumption of 75 watts, and has been equipped with 2 shelves, 1 pocket 16 eggs, and 2 playable ice cube slots.

The payment system itself is done manually.

Prices for this type of Polytron refrigerator start at IDR 1,760,000.

2. Polytron Refrigerator 1 Door PRB159 PRB 159R

This product has a fairly complete specification, such as the door opening without handlecompartment freezer large, with shelves that can be arranged as needed.

Another advantage of this product is that it has been equipped with LEDs lightinga faster freezing process, and save electricity.

This type of Polytron refrigerator product is priced at IDR 1,598,000.

3. Polytron 2 Door Beauty JUMBO Inverter Refrigerator

As the name implies, this product has more storage space and is equipped with an inverter compressor technology that saves electricity.

In addition, the Belleza 2-door Polytron refrigerator is also equipped Edgeless tempered glass door which makes the refrigerator more robust, anti-dent, and anti-rust.

You can get these various benefits starting from IDR 3,529,000.


These are different ways to adjust the temperature of the Polytron refrigerator and the best product recommendations.

We hope this article is useful, Property People!

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