How to Set LG AC to Cool with the Steps, Easy!

How to Set LG AC to Cool with the Steps, Easy!

dear setting ac lg

Curious how parameter LG AC to cool the maximum and the steps you can take here.

AC has become a very important need for families, especially the air in Indonesia is quite hot.

But not rarely, the air conditioning of the house can not be cold for various reasons even if it is in a healthy condition.

Several causes of the AC not cooling are also caused by internal factors, so you have to understand the parameters well in order to function optimally.

One of the AC brands that can experience this is the LG products, so you will need to know the tips and jokes easily.

So, what is the way to set the LG AC so that it is cold to the maximum? Check out the discussion together!

darling Parameter LG AC to let you cool to the maximum with the steps, easy!

LG AC setting so it is cold


There are several ways to set the LG AC to cool with clean air quality as follows:

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1. Activate Mode Swing

The way of use swing on the LG AC can make the air fresher throughout the room evenly.

Why, leave swing it will move dynamically from the top to the bottom, so the air produced will be more evenly distributed and cool faster.

You can activate the mode swing what you can do via the remote AC and press the button swing.

Then, select the up and down arrow command so that the swing moves dynamically from top to bottom.

2. Set the Temperature Precisely

How to set the LG AC to cool


You have to do well to adjust the temperature of the AC temperature.

If the air conditioner you just turned on, set the temperature to the optimum, which is 22-25 degrees Celsius.

Do not immediately decrease the AC temperature to the lowest level when in the initial stage, remembering that it will make the work of the AC compressor harder.

3. Make a gradual AC temperature decrease

If the temperature in the room does not feel cold, make a gradual decrease in temperature little by little.

The reason is, if it is lowered directly to a low temperature, it will make the temperature of the room uneven to the maximum.

In addition, the gradual decrease in the temperature of the LG air conditioner is also beneficial to extend the life of the compressor.

4. Activate Mode Cool

Sensor Cool AC LG


To maximize the air, you can activate the mode “cool» which translates into cooler and more uniform air.

For LG AC users, refer to the following steps to activate the mode cool: :

  • Please turn on the AC by pressing the power button far away A.C.
  • If you hear a “ting” sound, it means the AC is on.
  • Look for the button on the LG phone to set the mode, make sure to change the mode cool.

5. Dear Parameter LG AC allows you to cool for Mode Fan The speed of the fan

So that the cold air can be maximized, you can activate the mode fans for the rotation of the fan on the air conditioner to work optimally.

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Due to this rotation of the fan, the air can cool faster and more evenly throughout the room.

Even if the fan mode has been adjusted, it is a good idea if the operation of the air conditioning should be established so as not to go directly to the body because it is dangerous for health.

Check the following steps:

  • Turn on the air conditioner first by pressing the button power on far away.
  • Look for the button with the fan symbol.
  • If it is not found, press the mode button until it says fans.
  • Set the fan speed as desired.

6. Dear Parameter LG AC Let it Cool with Jet Mode

AC LG Jet Mode

Source: YouTube / LG DIY Service

If you want the AC to cool faster, the next way you can do it is to use it to speed up the cooling process in the room.

This functionality is similar to technology fast cooling if the air conditioning is not cold or not optimal.

7. Set the AC Temperature To 16 – 18 Degrees Gradually

To maximize the temperature of the air conditioner, you can set it lower in the range of 16-18 degrees.

However, you can apply the AC temperature gradually, so that the compressor works in a more optimal state.

If it is cold, you can gradually lower the temperature so that you can find the right cold spot.

8. Make sure the room is closed

Even cold AC


The cold circulation in the room will be more even if you close the doors and windows in the room.

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This is done so that the cold air produced by the AC is not lost through an open door or window


These are some ways to set the LG AC to cool with the steps you can take.

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