How to reset the last Pulse electricity meter. Quick and easy!

How to reset the last Pulse electricity meter. Quick and easy!

how to reset the pulse electricity meter

Asking how reset electricity meter pulse when a message occurs error? Check out the full explanation in the next article.

Electricity is an important component that must be in a building, including a house.

Therefore, when the electricity meter has a problem, you should contact the PLN official.

However, if the meter is damaged it is only a code message error Of course, you should be able to fix it manually.

There is a practical way you can do to solve the problem with this PLN meter.

You want to know how reset the correct and easy impulse electricity meter?

Here is a full review from the site quote from various sources.

darling Reset The electricity meter of Pulse Right

how to reset the pulse electricity meter


1. Turn off all electronic devices

darling reset The first impulse electricity meter is to turn off all electronic devices, such as air conditioners, TVs, electric ovens and others.

Make sure that electronic devices are completely turned off so that there is no flow of electricity.

If you just unplug the cord without turning the power off, the electronic equipment will be easily damaged.

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2. Unplug All Power Cords

darling reset the next meter of impulse electricity removing all the electrical wires that are still inserted in the terminal.

This is to ensure that no electrical power flows into the home electronic devices.

If you just turn off the power without disconnecting the cable, it is feared that there will be an electric current that will cause the electronic equipment to turn on again.

3. Enter code Reset meter

darling reset The next correct meter of pulse electricity is to enter the code resetshe

As for the way you can do it, that is to say sliding the switch to off and let sit for 15 minutes.

The next step, you can turn on the electricity meter again and enter the code 00 and press come in to me-reset.

Cause Message Appears Error to PLN Meter

error message and failed on the electricity meter


Damage to the meter is often unexpected, for example, the electricity meter suddenly turns off, the LED light is broken or a message appears. error.

If these things happen, first you need to find the cause.

The following causes the message to appear error which interfere with the electricity token code entry.

1. Bad electrical installation

Poor electrical installation, such as messy electrical wiring, can cause problems error on the meter.

If it is left, there will be a risk of short circuit to the fire.

2. KwH Over Limit

Also, the use of the KwH over the limit it will also make the electricity meter problematic ranging from frequent drops to beeps.

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Well, the correct way to turn off the sound of the electric token is to charge the electric pulse.

3. Electricity Meter Problem

The electricity meter number is a unique ID that is directly connected to PLN.

If there is a problem with the meter, you should contact PLN 123 for assistance.

4. Incorrectly Entering the Electric Token Code

Incorrectly entering the electricity token code can also cause problems with the meter.

Therefore, you must enter the correct token code as a way reset the pulse power meter has failed.

5. Server error PLN

Another cause could be not from the electricity meter in your house, but from the PLN center.

If this is the case, then you have to wait until servant return to normal or contact PLN immediately.

Secret code in the electricity meter

In addition to the way reset pulse electricity meter because the message failed, there is a code error Another meter you need to know.

The code on the PLN meter can be used according to its functions and benefits.

00 Enter = reset meter if the message “FAIL” or “CHECK” comes out

69 Enter = counter number of times die

59 enter = number of kwh last load

54 enter = last token code

47 enter = data used

44 enter = current amperage

41 enter = mains voltage

9 enter = data used

7 enter = kWh limit

123xx enter = change alarm delayfor example 12345 for 45 minutes

78 enter = check delay alarm in minutes

456xx enter = change the minimum alarm limit, for example 45610 for the remaining 10 kWh

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79 enter = check the minimum alarm limit

75 enter = check PLN Prepaid meter ID.

3 enter = total kWh of electricity that was used


It is a number of ways reset last meter of pulse electricity that is correct and easy.

How no according to you?

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