How to renovate a 2×3 meter bathroom Savely

How to renovate a 2×3 meter bathroom Savely

Informa Rooney Bathroom Cabinet Set - White
Informa Rooney Bathroom Cabinet Set – White

In addition to self-policing, we can use bathroom as a place of relaxation. Therefore, we must make the atmosphere as comfortable as possible. If the bathroom is not feasible, then we can try to make renovations.

When you want to renovate or update the appearance of your bathroom, there are several factors that must be taken into account, one of which is the cost. You see, to renovate a bathroom, we have to replace some of the furniture and equipment.

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In any case, the renovation of the bathroom does not always cost much, especially if the size of the room is only 2 × 3 square meters. You can limit your renovation expenses to only IDR 5 million, you know.

So, how to renovate a small bathroom?

This time, we want to share some tips for renovating your own bathroom on a limited budget.

1. Change the wall paint color

To update the look of your bathroom in an instant, you can change the color of the wall paint. However, make sure to use paint that is waterproof and coat with waterproof so that it is durable and does not peel easily.

Drylok Extreme Latex Anti Leak Coating Paint 1 gallon
Drylok Extreme Latex Anti Leak Coating Paint 1 gallon

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bathroom renovation
Drylok Cat Pelapis Anti Bocor latex waterproofing

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2. Use Simple Bathroom Equipment

After painting, you can continue the bathroom renovation process by replacing unused fixtures. For a bathroom that measures 2 × 3 square meters, use simple equipment so as not to be cramped.

You can use hanging shelves made of stainless steel as a container to store bottles of soap, shampoo, toothbrushes and other equipment.

bathroom renovation
Stora Bathroom Shelf Wk120864 – Silver

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3. Install Sink with Cabinet

bathroom renovation
Kris Dc-12 Bathroom Cabinet Set

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There are many advantages to installing a sink in the bathroom, such as making it easier for us to wash our hands, brush our teeth and wash our face. You can choose a sink that is complete with a cabinet and mirror.

Thus, you can store a variety of essential toiletries, one of which is a towel, in the cabinet.

4. Use a shower curtain

To separate the wet and dry bathroom areas, you can use a shower curtain. Choose curtains made of polyester so they don’t absorb water.

The following is a recommendation for curtains of 180 × 200 cm that you can use for the bathroom.

bathroom renovation
Forhom 180×200 Cm Peva Shower curtain with hooks – Grey

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5. Install the bidet

Toilets are essential equipment that you must install when renovating a bathroom. Choose a sitting type toilet to give the impression of a minimalist bathroom, and look luxurious and elegant.

bathroom renovation
WC seat Kris Monoblock – white

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6. Install the Lights Downlights

After the bathroom renovation process is complete, you can install the lights downlight embedded in the ceiling or wall. Choose a lamp with a power of 12-15 watts for a bathroom of 2 × 3 square meters.

Here is a lamp recommendation downlight that you can use at home.

Krisbow Lampu Downlight Led Cob Surface 12w 38d 3000k - Warm White_11zon
Krisbow Lampu Downlight Led Cob Surface 12w 38d 3000k – Warm White

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Recessed Krisbow Square Led 12 W 800 Lm - Warm White
Downlight Krisbow Square Led 12W 800 Lm – Blanc Chaud

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7. Install Perfume

The bathroom is a wet and humid room, so it easily causes bad smells. Therefore, install fragrances near the sink, such as aromatherapy candles.

In addition to reducing the risk of unpleasant odors, aromatherapy candles can make the bath more relaxing. In fact, aroma can make our bodies more relaxed.

Candle Lite Oud Wood Lilin Aromatherapy
Candle Lite Oud Wood Lilin Aromatherapy

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So, how much does it cost to renovate your own bathroom?

If you want to update the appearance of the bathroom following the method above, here are the details of the renovation costs you need.

Types of goods


Waterproof wall paint 400 thousand IDR
Hanging shelf for the bathroom 100 thousand IDR
Sink cabinet 3.5 million IDR
Shower curtain 125 thousand IDR
Be toilet IDR 1 million
Aromatherapy candles 80 thousand IDR
Downlights 100 thousand IDR
Estimated total cost IDR 5.3 million

So here are the bathroom renovation tips and cost details. Relax, all the products you need are on the site variety and ACE Online.

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