How to properly clean Epson printers. Easy to do, really!

How to properly clean Epson printers. Easy to do, really!

dear epson printer cleaning

I don’t even know how cleaning printer True Epson? Read the article that we have summarized below, go!

When used frequently, printer even the best ones can experience a number of problems such as intermittent prints, ink leaks, because the ink does not come out.

This condition is certainly quite annoying, especially if you really need it printershe

If this problem occurs, the easiest solution is to take it to a service person.

Even so, for some problems you can easily solve, cook

Just clean it printer army software on the Windows operating system.

If by any chance mark printer at home is Epson, we have summarized the different ways.

Go ahead and see the full how-to review cleaning printer Epson here!

darling Cleaning the printer Epson Correctly

Use head cleaning in Windows

cara cleaning printer epson via head cleaning

If you find documents or printed images suddenly dim or the dots on the image are missing, the way to solve this problem is to clean header print.

for the cleaning process header print For this, you can use the Head Cleaning utility on your computer or laptop.

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Here are the steps you need to follow.

1. Make sure Printer On and Off Overlay Lights

darling cleaning printer The first Epson is to make sure that the device is in the light and the ink indicator is off.

If the ink light is still blinking, you cannot clean it and will need to replace it cartridge first the suitable ink.

2. Access Software Cleaning the head of Windows

After that, access software Test cleaning by clicking “Print” or “Print Settings” in the “File Menu” in Windows.

Then, click “Printer” > “Setup” > “Options” in the dialog box that appears.

If so, click on the “Utilities” tab and click on the “Cleaning head” menu.

3. Resetten Cleaning cycle

Finally, you can reset the cleaning cycle printer Epson you have.

When the power light stops flashing, click “Print Nozzle Check Pattern” in the “Head Cleaning” dialog box.

This is done to be safe printer head it is clean and ready for use.

Use the Control Panel

In addition to the methods already mentioned, there are ways to clean printer Another thing you can do is to use the Control Panel function.

Check the following steps.

1. Make sure Printer Turn on and connect with Computer or Laptop

The first step to take is to make sure printer Epson is turned on and connected to a computer or laptop.

After that, press and hold the ink gauge button for three seconds to stop the flashing light.

If the light is still on during cleaning, it can really damage it printer

When the ink light is gone, you can start the cleaning process printer head to be replaced cartridge ink

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2. Open Control Panel and run the cleaning process

darling cleaning printer The next Epson is to open the Control Panel.

Then, select “Hardware and Sound” > “Device and Printer” > type right click printer Epson goes through the process cleaning

Next, click on the “Printing References” menu and select the “Maintenance” sub-menu.

To start the cleaning process, just click “Head cleaning” > “Start”.

At this time, the ink indicator light and power light will start flashing.

Wait and let the cleaning process printer to walk

You can click “Print Nozzle Check Pattern” to see the results when the process is complete.

3. Check the Post Process print results Cleaning

When you are satisfied, you can click “Finish” that appears on the monitor.

However, if the printout is still missing, click “Clean” to repeat the cleaning process.

Things to look for when cleaning Epson printers

cara cleaning printer epson via the control panel

In the cleaning process printer Epson, there are several things that you need to pay attention to.

Here are the points:

  • Never turn off printer while doing cleaning through the Control Panel because it can damage the device.
  • No need to clean printer Epson too often for devices that are relatively new.
  • I know that the device lasts longer, after carrying out the process cleaning, break for 10-15 minutes before printer back in use.


I hope the article how cleaning printer Epson above can be useful, yes!

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