How to Propagate Begonia Flowers from Cuttings to Clump Separation

How to Propagate Begonia Flowers from Cuttings to Clump Separation

how to reproduce begonia flowers

How to reproduce begonia flowers can be done for several options. One of them is through cutting stems that are quite simple and easy.

Begonia flowers are ornamental plants that are popular among the public.

Many plant begonias because they have special characteristics.

The specialty of the begonia flower is found in its beautiful motifs, indented, wrinkled, tufted or feathered.

With its beautiful leaves, this viral flower has become one of the favorites for lovers of ornamental soil.

Not a few also want to multiply begonia plants for cultivation or just to add to their collection of plants.

NahIf you are interested in multiplying this plant, there are several things that must be considered.

Therefore, see each step below, go!

Different types of Begonia flowers

different types of begonia flowers


Before planning to multiply gononia flowers, do you already know the types of begonias?

Currently, it is estimated that more than 1600 types of begonia flowers are spread around the world.

Meanwhile, according to the book Know and Care of Begonias by Hartuningsih M. Siregar, there are about 250 different types of begonia flowers in Indonesia.

Types of begonia among others rex begonia, begonia sorrel, begonia bowerae, begonia imperialis, striped begoniaup to begonia cucullata red.

There are also many types of exotic begonia flowers that are in great demand, such as begonia pink tuculata, begonia heracleifolia and begonia bowerae.

NahBecause of its mini size, the begonia is very suitable as a hanging ornamental plant.

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So, how do you propagate begonias?

The way to propagate begonias is through seeds, stem cuttings, shoot cuttings, to the separation of tillers.

Vegetative propagation of begonia plants using plant parts such as leaves, stems, branches or roots is very easy to do.

Here’s the full review, Property People!

How to propagate Begonia flowers

1. Stem cuttings

how to reproduce begonia flowers


The way to reproduce begonia flowers is by stem or vegetative cuttings.

Vegetative propagation of plants has many advantages. here we go.

Starting from a new plant with the same genetic characteristics as its parent, uniform and sustainable growth.

Therefore, choose broodstock that will be cut with good quality.

How to propagate begonia flowers:

  • Prepare begonia brood plants and growing media that is not too wet.
  • Also prepare a clean and sterile knife.
  • Cut the stem or stalk of the begonia at an angle of 10 cm.
  • Make sure the trunk has at least one node below and one node above.
  • After that, apply the lower part of the trunk that has been cut with a root stimulant.
  • Finally, plant the stem in the prepared planting medium.
  • Keep it in a shaded area and wait for the roots to grow perfectly.
  • Do not water excessively so as not to rot the trunk.

2. Leaf Cuttings

how to propagate begonias


In addition to stem cuttings, the propagation of begonia flowers is leaf cutting.

Begonia is a type of plant that can be propagated by leaf cuttings. here we go.

Propagation of begonias by leaf cuttings can produce a relatively short and large number of tillers.

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It is true that, propagating the leaf cuttings method also has drawbacks, Property People.

The disadvantages include cuttings that easily rot and are difficult to root in certain conditions.

However, you can overcome this by using growth regulators (ZPT) so that fine roots appear.

So, how do you multiply begonias?

How to make begonia flower cuttings:

  • Prepare a clean and sterile knife.
  • Carefully cut the edges of the begonia leaves, leaving a ½ inch (1.5 cm) stalk.
  • Then, apply ZPT to the cut leaves.
  • Then, plant begonia leaves in the prepared planting medium.
  • Store planting media in a shaded area.
  • So that the leaves do not rot, avoid excessive watering.
  • Wait at least 1 month until it grows optimally.
  • After the new shoots appear, transfer to another planting medium that has been given fertilizer.

3. Clump Separation

If you want to propagate begonias quickly, dividing a clump is the best option.

The separation of the clumps is done by separating a parent into several tillers.

NahThe separation of the begonia clumps must be accompanied by the roots so that the begonias can grow in the new planting medium.

Also, choose healthy begonia stems without pests on the roots of the plants.

So, the separation of clumps must be done carefully and carefully, yes.

4. Multiply with Seeds

In addition to the vegetative way, you can also reproduce begonias in a generative way.

Generatively multiply begonia flowers using seeds.

Then, take some seeds from the begonia flower and plant them in the planting media that you have prepared.

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It’s just that, multiplying in this way is quite long.

In addition to this, you also have to pay attention to the planting medium so that the begonia flowers grow successfully.


This is how begonia flowers multiply.

Easy enough, right?

I hope the above explanation is helpful, yes.

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