How to play Pokemon cards and know their strengths – Ruparupa Blog

How to play Pokemon cards and know their strengths – Ruparupa Blog

how to play pokemon cards

Pokemon is the abbreviation of Pocket monster or pocket monsters, that is franchise game most popular in the world. Not only console games, Pokemon is also available in the form of cards that can be played with your friends.

In addition to being a collection, a game Pokemon card it can also sharpen the ability to make a strategy. Soanya, the players compete with cards containing Pokemon characters that have different strengths and abilities.

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This game can be played by 2 or more people. Howevereach player must have at least 60 cards in their deck.

So, before starting the game, make sure you have prepared the Pokemon card deck.

A few tips, you can also collect different ones pokemon card types to get limited edition pokemon cards. This way, your card can shine even more in the match.

how to play an easy pokemon card

So, how to play Pokemon cards?

Here are some ways to play Pokemon cards that you can do with friends and family.

1. First of all, prepare bridge Pokemon card to use. Make sure you have prepared 60 cards consisting of Pokemon cards, energy cards and cards. trainer

2. Each player starts the game with 7 cards in hand. Next, each player places a Pokemon card in front of them as a continent.

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3. After that, each player will take a card from each deck in turn. If you have a Pokemon card that can be placed on the continent, you can immediately place it there, you know.

4. Then, each player can use energy cards to increase the strength of Pokémon in their continent.

5. Each player can attack the opponent’s Pokemon using the Pokemon card in the continent that was obtained to energize or additional strength.

6. After the attack is over, each player turns over a card bridge them in turn. The game continues until one of the players runs out of cards or cannot place any more Pokémon cards on their continent.

7. The player who manages to defeat all of his opponent’s Pokemon will be the winner of this game.

Well, that’s how to play Pokemon cards easily for beginners. Be sure to always pay attention to the strengths and abilities of the Pokemon on your cards, as well as the right strategy to beat your opponent.

how to play pokemon cards for beginners

So, what are the strengths of Pokemon cards?

In addition to knowing how to play Pokemon cards, you also need to know their strengths and abilities so that you can set a strategy in playing, you know.

Each Pokemon card has different strengths and abilities, as follows.

1. HP (Hit Points)

The ability of the first Pokemon card you need to know is HP or hit points. If you play a lot game, You should be familiar with this term.

HP is the amount of power possessed by a Pokemon. This HP amount determines how long a Pokemon can last in battle. So, try to establish a strategy so that your Pokemon can survive, even if it is attacked.

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2. Attribute

To make it easier to establish a strategy to defeat your opponent, kYou need to know the abilities of Pokemon from attribute this.

Each Pokemon has a different type, ranging from fire (bees), water (air), grass (grass), poison (poison), to electricc (electricity). This type will affect the strength of the attack performed by Pokemon.

For example, to fight Pokemon electric from your opponent, you can use a type of Pokemon card water

3. Attack

As the name implies, attack is an attack made by Pokemon to attack its opponent. Each Pokemon has different attacks and strengths.

For example, Pokemon that have powers attack called “Flame Burst” could have a greater impact than an attack”TackleTherefore, players must pay attention to the attack power possessed by their Pokemon.

This is how you can set the right strategy to defeat your opponent.

4. Capacity

In addition, Pokemon cards also have an ability called “abilityThis ability can be used by players to give additional effects to Pokemon cards in battle.

Every Pokemon has ability different, like “bully” which can lower the opposing Pokemon’s attack power.

There is also an ability called “Guts” which can increase a Pokemon’s attack power if it takes a bad status effect.

This ability can provide additional advantages for players who are able to use it properly.

5. Cost of withdrawal

Please know that the Pokemon cards we issue on the mainland must be used to compete, so they cannot be changed at will.

However, there is no need to worry because aThere are Pokemon cards that have abilities retirement cost or the costs incurred to recall Pokémon from the continent. You can also replace it with another Pokemon so that it is stronger in the match.

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Here are some of the strengths or abilities contained in Pokemon cards. The higher the strength value, the stronger and invincible your Pokemon will be, you know.

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