How to plant shallots without seeds, easy and practical

How to plant shallots without seeds, easy and practical

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Knowing how to grow onions without seeds can be very beneficial. In addition to being easy to apply and relatively practical, you do not need a large garden when planting. Go ahead, read the following review!

The need for shallots for the residents of the house is very high.

The reason is that this type of cooking is a commodity that has many benefits.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people plant shallots around the yard.

On the other hand, some people have their own way of growing shallots, one of which is to apply the method without seeds.

Launching different sources, the following are the stages or how to grow shallots without seeds that you can practice.

How to plant shallots without seeds

1. Prepare the raw material

how to grow shallots without seeds

The first step when you want to plant onions without seeds is to prepare the raw material.

A number of raw materials in question include old shallots, compost, and containers such as pots, polythene bag or used plastic cups of mineral water.

It is recommended that you choose a purple red onion without black spots.

The reason is that the black dots indicate that the onion has been exposed to a disease or fungus.

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The characteristics of the old onions are that they are drier and not too wet.

2. Chop the red onion

The next way to plant seedless shallots is to store old red onions that have been prepared before.

Try this way that the onion grows leaves at the end.

Also, you can also take a dark red onion without leaves and cut off the ends.

This process aims to make germination faster.

3. Put it in the Pot

how to grow shallots without seeds


Then, put a few cloves of dark red onion in a pot or polythene bag.

Citing information from from the page gardeningknowhow.complant shallots at a depth of 2.5 to 5 centimeters until the bottom is covered with soil.

However, make sure that the top of the onion is not too far from the ground.

Give enough distance between the onions one and the other otherwise they don’t stick together.

4. Making water

Like plants in general, shallots also need a lot of water.

Therefore, the best time to water the onion is ideally done in the morning and evening so that the shoots grow well.

It would be better to use a special water spray to avoid giving too much water.

Do not leave water in the pot, because it can make the onion rot.

5. Wait and let it grow

In general, shallots can be harvested usually after 60 to 90 days or after the appearance of marks on the leaves.

Wait and care periodically so that the process of how to plant shallots without seeds can produce optimal harvest aliases.

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Like harvesting shallots

how to harvest onions

source: Langang

As mentioned before, to get ripe red onions you have to be patient for about 2-3 months.

Later, after harvesting, the shallots must be dried before drying.

This process is important to avoid spoilage so that the onion can last longer when stored in the kitchen.

The way to harvest the shallots can be done carefully with care of all the onions, both the leaves and the tubers, so that nothing is left.

Then, the results of the extraction are collected and cleaned so that they can be used for cooking spices or other needs.


It is how to grow onions without seeds that you can practice.

I hope the information is useful, yes.

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