How to plant Aglonema Weevil for beginners. Easy going!

How to plant Aglonema Weevil for beginners. Easy going!

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The aglonema plant or commonly called Sri Fortune is loved because of its beautiful appearance. Instead of buying, planting from the stump or trunk may be the best choice. See how to plant aglonema weevil here!

The beauty of the garden with a number of ornamental plants is often done by many people.

Of the many types of plants, aglonema is a type of plant that is in great demand.

Exotic shapes and colors are suspected to be the main attraction for lovers of ornamental plants.

There are also several types of aglonema, ranging from aglonema nymphs, moonlightadelia, aglonema lipstick.

You can plant this aglonema from the hump or trunk, that’s it.

For some people, planting aglonema starting from the hump has its own satisfaction.

In addition, you can also sell if the plant has developed.

Go, see how to plant aglonema that can be done even by beginners.

How to grow Aglonema Humpbacks for beginners

1. Prepare the Gobba di Aglonema

how to plant aglonema

source: bunga

The first step you should take to plant aglonema is to prepare and choose the best aglonema.

Try this aglonema hump is not deformed and looks clean and healthy.

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Also, be careful not to choose weeping or damaged roots.

2. Cleaning the Hump

Next, clean the aglonema weevil before planting it.

The reason is, an ugly weevil can affect its growth.

You can clean this hump by spraying water until the hump is completely clean.

3. Cut and Trim the Hump

aglonema weevil medium planting

source: bunga

To keep the stump looking clean, cut off some of the root so you don’t have too many roots too close to the stump.

This is important so that the shoots can grow right above the stem.

In addition, this cut is designed so that the weed can be planted, but not completely covered by the planting medium.

4. Apply fungicide

The next step, aka the next step, is to apply a fungicide to the old parts of the hump.

This fungicide aims to provide protection to the weevil to avoid the fungus.

5. Preparation of planting media

Prepare the planting media in the form of small pots.

Then, add a combination of hulls and soil with a ratio of three hulls to one soil.

Do not forget to make sure that the planting media you use is loose and not dense.

This is important in order not to prevent the growth of buds.

Then, fill half of the pot with the planting medium and then plant the cucumber that has been prepared in advance.

Fill the planting medium until the roots are covered and leave a little cob until it is visible.

To accelerate the growth of the shoots, the weevil must be visible or accessible to the viewer.

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6. Flush with Vitamin B1 Mixed Water

plant aglonema

After that, wash with water that has been mixed with vitamin B1.

The required dose is a bottle cap of vitamin B1 then mix with a liter of water.

Water the planting media enough, yes.

The irrigation process with water mixed with vitamin B1 aims to stimulate the growth of roots and shoots.

In any case, before watering, first clean the leaves of dead or dry leaves so as not to cover the shoots and roots.

7. Cover with Clean Plastic

When the whole process is completed according to the stages, cover or bracket and wrap the planted aglonema with clean plastic.

Usually this process takes about a week.

Store this weevil in a shaded place and avoid direct sunlight.

Wait about a week or two and the shoots will appear.


This is how to plant aglonema weevil for beginners, Property People.

How, interested in planting?

I hope the review is useful, yes.

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