How to Pay Late PDAM Bills and Penalties, Complete!

How to Pay Late PDAM Bills and Penalties, Complete!

How to pay the PDAM bill

Find out how to easily pay a late PDAM bill and its penalty in full below.

The need for clean water can not only be obtained from ground water, but can also use the PDAM water system.

The use of PDAM water has been proven and has an adequate level of cleanliness so that it is safe for consumption.

Not least, when you want to use water, you often forget to pay the PDAM bill in the previous month.

As a result, PDAM water cannot be used for family needs and disrupts operations.

If this happens, how do you pay the late PDAM bill so it can be reused? Check out the discussion together!

Impacts that appear if late payment for PDAM water

PDAM Pay Fines


There are many impacts if you are late in paying PDAM so that it is very harmful for the following daily needs:

1. Accumulated Bills Next Month

The PDAM invoice will be issued between the end and the beginning of the month depending on the date of the payment you made.

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It is best to pay PDAM bills before they are due, with a deadline of 20 days after the bill appears.

Unpaid bills will be accumulated in the next month, because if you pay in the next month, it will be accumulated for the next month.

2. Disconnected Water Connection

If you pay your PDAM bill late, it is not impossible that the need for clean water will be cut if you do not pay for three consecutive months.

In order for the water to work again, the PDAM bill must be paid directly with the accumulated bill amount, with a fine.

3. Damage the State

In addition to damaging families, late payment PDAM is also harmful to the state because the bills are used for the maintenance of water pipes.

If many people pay late, then the operating expenses of PDAM will be hindered.

4. Swelling Fine Fees

An important reason why you should know how to pay PDAM on time is the large fine.

If you do not pay it, then in the end you will continue to pile up and have a nominal price.

5. No Clean Water Source

If the PDAM connection is lost, there is no source of clean water for the family’s needs, so it is recommended to pay on time.

How to pay bills and late PDAM arrears

Check the steps on how to pay a late PDAM bill and the following procedure:

1. How to Pay Late PDAM Bills Through the Application

How to pay late PDAM bills via Aetra

Source: AETRA Mobile App

You can process payments via the PDAM application available on Android.

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In addition to knowing the arrears, you can file complaints and simulate bill payments.

For example, you can use the Aetra Mobile application in this way:

  1. Open the Aetra Mobile application.
  2. Enter the billing press channel.
  3. Enter the connection number, email of the customer.
  4. Click save and then you can check the amount of arrears.
  5. Then you can process the payment according to the instructions of the application.
  6. Choose a payment method from bank transfer, internet banking or electronic money that you can customize.

2. How to Pay Late PDAM Bills Via ATM

Next, you can use banking facilities such as ATMs with the following steps:

  1. Insert the card into the ATM as usual.
  2. Select the payment menu.
  3. Choose the PAM option.
  4. Choose a local PDAM company, for example “Tirta Bhagasasi”
  5. Enter the customer number provided.
  6. Make sure the customer number is correct.
  7. Later, an invoice and the amount of the arrears will appear with the unpaid fine penalty.
  8. Click “Yes” to continue the payment process.
  9. The process is successful, then the water can be reused.

3. How to Pay Late PDAMs through Bukalapak

How to Pay Late PDAM Bills via Bukalapak


You can also process payments online market For example, Bukalapak when paying PDAM.

  1. Enter the Bukalapak website or the Bukalapak application.
  2. Select the Billing menu.
  3. Select the PDAM menu.
  4. Choose the intended PDAM operator, for example “PDAM Aetra Kota Tangerang”
  5. Then it will show you the amount of arrears with fines to be paid.
  6. Continue to pay and pay the arrears.
  7. Choose a payment method and follow the system.
  8. Once successful, the water can be reused.
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4. How to Pay Late PDAMs through Kredivo

In addition to paying in cash, you can also pay PDAM bills through the application Paylater as Kredivo as follows:

  1. Log in to the Kredivo app on your phone.
  2. Continue on the Recharge and Billing Channel.
  3. Click on the PDAM channel.
  4. Choose a PDAM channel, for example “PDAM Kota Cirebon”.
  5. Enter the customer ID.
  6. See the bill and the penalty to be paid.
  7. Continue to pay and enter the OTP.
  8. Payment successful.

These are some ways to pay the PDAM bills that are late and the steps so that the water can be used for the needs of the family.

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