How to Patch Zinc Leaking with Duct Tape and Styrofoam. Easy going!

How to Patch Zinc Leaking with Duct Tape and Styrofoam. Easy going!

how to patch leaky zinc

How to patch leaky zinc can be done easily at home. Just use the adhesive tape or gasoline and styrofoam!

Tin roof, is a type of roof that has been chosen.

No Surprisingly, the low price and ease of installation are the reasons why zinc roofs are still popular in Indonesia.

However, please note that the nature of zinc is very susceptible to corrosion.

If the corrosion is allowed to increase, it will result in a leaky roof, or even worse, total damage.

To overcome the leaks on the roof, many people are forced to replace their tin roof with a new one.

Of course, it costs a lot to do this.

Therefore, instead of replacing it, you can use a more effective method, namely patching a leaky tin roof.

Relax, you can do this process easily. How? Immediately, see below!

How to patch zinc that is leaking

1. Make sure that the diameter of the hole in the tin roof is not more than 3 centimeters

Ideally, the process of patching a leaky roof is carried out if the diameter of the hole is not more than 3 cm.

Because if the hole is too big, you will find it difficult to patch.

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After all, the roof could be even worse, and the costs incurred will be doubled.

In this case, it is better to replace it with new zinc.

2. Patching the zinc roof with zinc tape

zinc tape


If the tin roof can still be repaired, you can use this method as a solution.

  1. Prepare the zinc adhesive tape that can be purchased at a building material store
  2. Cut the rusty zinc
  3. After cutting, clean around the zinc with water, and dry
  4. Stick zinc tape on the perforated ceiling. Make sure the tape is completely attached
  5. For maximum results, use a lighter and keep it close to the surface of the tape
  6. Press firmly on the tape and flatten.

After patching, all you have to do is wait for the rain to come to ensure that the roof is free of leaks.

This method is chosen because the capital is very cheap.

But the weakness, if the purification process around the zinc is still not clean, the leaks can be again.

2. Patching a Zinc Roof Using Gasoline and Styrofoam


Sum: YouTube/ Plat BK

You can also do how to patch leaky zinc below:

– Prepare styrofoam, petrol, glue, brush and used bowl
– Cut the polystyrene container into small pieces, and collect in a bowl
– Mix the chopped styrofoam with gasoline, let it rest until the styrofoam becomes liquid and thickens into a paste.
– Mix the mixture of styrofoam and gasoline with glue, stir to mix well
– Once mixed well, apply the mixture with a brush to the perforated parts of the zinc
– Press the dough so that it is compact and sticks firmly
– Leave for about 3-5 hours for the paste to dry completely.

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This method is believed to be more successful, but the necessary materials tend to be more.

In addition, you have to be careful, because there is gasoline in this process.

Keep out of the fire while doing this process.


Now you know how to patch zinc leaks easily and cheaply. I hope this article is helpful!

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