How to paint an Old Wall? Check it out here

How to paint an Old Wall? Check it out here

Young happy Asian woman painting interior wall with paint roller in new house

Find out how to effectively paint old walls, like having a new house! Photo source Unsplash

Changes in the color and appearance of wall paint over time are normal. The color of the external walls of the house that fades slowly and the walls are peeling, for example, can be caused by changes in the climate from scorching heat to rain. Meanwhile, the color and appearance of the interior walls of the house are not spared by faded or peeling colors. For example, the color of the walls of the rooms that are moldy. This is due to the humid conditions of the room and the minimum exposure to the sun.

If so, it feels like repainting the walls to make them interesting to look at. If you don’t know how to paint an old wall and want to paint it yourself without the help of an expert, here’s an easy way to try. something?

7 Ways of Painting Old Walls

Prepare the following tools and materials

After checking the hand rub test at several points on the wall to find out if there is any damage or whitewash until it looks ugly, it’s time to prepare tools and materials for painting. How to paint old walls requires tools in the form of brushes, rollers, sponges, dippers, cloths, buckets, old newspapers and scales. Meanwhile, for the materials to prepare the wall painting, paint thinnerwater and detergent.

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Clean Old Peeling Walls

The next way to paint old old walls is to make sure that the surface of the wall is clean and tidy. The presence of peeling paint and even whitewash until the interior is visible will complicate the painting process and the results will not be optimal. To avoid, peel or peel off the old wall paint if any part is damaged. Do it carefully. However, if the old painting of the wall of the house does not have serious problems, it is enough to clean it from dust and dirt.

Protect the parts you don’t want to paint

The next step is to protect the parts that you don’t want to be painted by spray paint, you have to cover the corners or parts without paint such as windows, door knobs, edges of the roof. You can cover this section with tape or tape. For objects near or around the walls that you have to paint, you can cover them with newspaper to prevent the object or the area from splashing or splattering later. The floor must also be covered with newspaper, which keeps the floor safe and clean and prevents paint splashes. You can remove the masking tape, masking tape, newspapers after the painting process is complete, this prevents the paint from rubbing or peeling when you remove the tape, and the tape is not removed until long after that the paint is dry.

Start with Basic Paint

As a treatment for uneven walls, you can use wall paint, also known as plaster. A base coat is also used to further strengthen the paint layer with the wall surface. The caveat is that the Plums are white in color and you have to use a cloth to apply them to the walls. Spread the mushrooms evenly on the surface of the wall. Then, wait a little until it is completely dry.

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Do painting

After the walls are covered with a layer of plaster, now it’s time to paint as a continuation of how to paint the old walls. If the area to be painted is not very large, especially if there are corners, you can use a wall paint brush, which makes a difference if the walls are large. You can use a paint roller and a brush at the same time. Start painting from the corner of the wall. Pay attention to the regular direction of painting on top, and do not jump or move while painting the old walls. This will cause the paint to be uneven, paint the wall twice. When applying the second layer of paint, wait for the first coat to dry.

Use the following painting techniques

This is one of the painting techniques you can do. Create two layers, then make a cross between the first and second layer. If you draw the first layer in a vertical position, you can draw the second layer in a horizontal position and vice versa. This will allow the flat wall to be completely covered with paint evenly.

Clean the fixture and save the wall paint for durability

Do not forget to clean the equipment you use, such as brushes, rollers and paints. Wash the device before it gets dry and hard. The cleaning process of these tools is important, because they can be reused if you plan to paint the walls in other parts of the house. After the entire painting process is complete, close the painting tightly and keep it out of the reach of children. If the paint is accidentally spilled and you want to dispose of the rest, it is better not to throw the paint into a ditch or river, preferably disposed of in an authorized place.

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