How to overcome IndiHome Internet Lights Off at home

How to overcome IndiHome Internet Lights Off at home

The indihome internet light is off

Router IndiHome suddenly turns off and the Internet does not connect to your device? Solve it and see why the IndiHome Internet light is off at home here!

IndiHome is one supplier the most popular Internet in Indonesia because it can reach remote areas.

Unfortunately, there is a downside supplier This is the internet, which sometimes turns off suddenly.

One of the indications that the internet is not connected is when the IndiHome Internet light is off or on routerit doesn’t turn on.

If you experience this, you don’t need to worry, see the solutions and causes below!

Causes IndiHome Internet Light is off

because the indihome internet light is off


Why did IndiHome’s internet suddenly die?

This problem generally occurs because of the IndiHome modem at home starts again due to unstable electrical power at home.

Sometimes, the Internet is not even active because prose maintenance IndiHome which is quite old.

After you have made a payment and the device has been installed at home by the technician, there will be technical problems for 1-3 days after installation.

IndiHome Internet then becomes unusable and is not connected to the device.

One of the indicators that the network is not connected is when the IndiHome Internet light is off.

If you have experienced this, immediately see the steps to overcome it!

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How To Overcome IndiHome Internet Light Turns Off

how to deal with dead indihome internet lights


Hon router IndiHome, there are many lights that you can see, one of which is a lamp with Internet written on it.

From the official page IndiHomehere is the easiest way to deal with the IndiHome Internet light going out:

  1. To do reset modem picking the modem ONT with a toothpick for a few seconds, then releasing.
  2. Wait until the indicator light on the modem restarts.
  3. If the light is already on, connect Wi-Fi to your device using it username and password The SSD is behind the ONT modem sticker.
  4. The Internet will be connected to your device again.

For those of you who don’t know, buttons reset the modem itself is on the back of the modem, near the cable jack.

There is a small hole for the button reset located that you can access with a toothpick.

For those of you who are still confused, here is a video you can watch to solve this problem:

Overcomes the IndiHome Indicator Light Turns off

the indihome internet light is off at home

So, what if the lights that go out are lights power router or modem?

When the lights power dead, it means router-mu is not active and will not propagate the Internet network.

Here are the steps you can take to overcome these obstacles, taken from the IndiHome page:

  1. Make sure the modem is connected to power.
  2. If the modem is not turned on, unplug it and plug the ONT modem adapter into a power outlet.
  3. Make sure the button power in the ON state by pressing the button on the back of the modem.
  4. Once pressed, it lights up power it will light up and router it will spread the internet network around your home.
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Overcome the Red IndiHome LOS Light

the indihome los luce is off or red


The last problem that usually occurs next is when the LOS or PON lights are on router IndiHome flashes red.

The reason for the PON or LOS light of the IndiHome modem flashing red is due to damage to the Internet optical cable.

Generally, this problem could be due to an installation that is not tight enough, detached, or broken for one reason or another.

A flashing red LOS light will affect the Wi-Fi connection and prevent the internet from spreading throughout the house.

How to deal with the red light LOS IndiHome is as follows:

  1. Make sure the cable patch cord or FO cable behind the ONT modem has been installed until there is a sound click on optical port modem ONT.
  2. If the LOS light is still flashing red, try it starts again modem with the push of a button power and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Return button power and look again to see if the LOS light is still red.
  4. If so, the most likely problem is with the optical cable that is not installed correctly, so you should call an IndiHome technician.


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