How to overcome a clogged toilet with bicarbonate of soda, easy to do!

How to overcome a clogged toilet with bicarbonate of soda, easy to do!

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Looking for an instant solution to a clogged toilet? Just use caustic soda. This chemical can make the toilet channel smooth again in just 20 minutes, that’s it.

Clogged drains are a fairly common problem, but they can be difficult for a person to deal with.

One way to deal with a clogged toilet instantly is to use caustic soda.

caustic soda or sodium hydroxide o sodium hydroxide (NaOH) is a chemical that is quite effective in dealing with clogged toilets.

This material reacts with water and then forms bubbles that help the process of organic destruction.

The structure of baking soda is solid and soluble in water, so it does not settle inside.

Here’s how to use caustic soda to treat clogged toilets.

5 ways to overcome a clogged toilet with soda

toilet clogged with caustic soda


The use of caustic soda for closed toilets, there is no defined measure in its use.

You can measure it by how severe the blockage is.

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Start little by little.

1. Wear Safety Equipment

The chemical caustic soda is very corrosive.

This means it can destroy other objects instantly.

nah if this material gets on your skin it may cause burns.

Therefore, use rubber gloves, a mouth mask, and eye protection.

Use caustic soda with caution, yes.

If necessary, open the bathroom door or window to quickly remove the dust from the caustic soda.

2. Start Pouring the Soda

The second way to deal with clogged toilets is to start pouring the caustic soda ingredients little by little or about half a cup of caustic soda.

toilet clogged with caustic soda

Pour caustic soda into the closed toilet with a plastic spoon.

3. Do not add water – How to Overcome a Cgged WC

You do not need to add more water, because there is enough liquid in the drain to cause the caustic soda reaction.

4. Let it stand for 10 minutes

After that, how to use caustic soda for closed toilets is to let the caustic soda react for 10 minutes.

Next, you will see the caustic soda reaction as hissing sound, heat and bubbles.

5. How to Overcome a Clogged WC – Flush with Water

After 10 minutes, the next way to deal with a clogged toilet is to wash it with water.

Flush the clogged toilet using as much water as possible.

Remember, don’t use hot water!

toilet clogged with caustic soda

Because the water temperature is too high, the risk of damaging the PVC pipe in the sewer.

So, try to see if the clogged toilet is back to normal?

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If not, you can add caustic soda powder about half of the bottle cap.

Things to Pay Attention to When Using Baking Soda

  • If caustic soda comes in contact with the skin, immediately wash the skin with running water,
  • Keep away from children because caustic soda is quite a dangerous chemical,

Other benefits of Baking Soda

bee soda

1. Rust Stain Remover

The benefits of caustic soda in addition to being able to overcome clogged toilets are that it can eliminate and remove rust on iron pipes or tubes. stainless steel.

Here’s how to use caustic soda to remove rust:

  • Prepare the safety equipment mentioned in the points above,
  • Pour the molten caustic soda into a container made of iron or cans,
  • Then dip the brush into the caustic soda little by little,
  • Apply gently on the part of the rust that you want to remove.
  • Then, wait 5-10 minutes for the rust to melt and repeat the above procedure until clean,
  • You can also use a tool in the form of fine sandpaper to remove the rust,
  • Then, wash with running water, and
  • Dry it.

Keep the caustic soda in a place that has room temperature.

2. Baking Soda As Paint Solvent

Using caustic soda for clogged toilets is actually quite effective…

However, there are other benefits of caustic soda, which is used as a solvent for paint on objects or vehicles.

Use caustic soda to remove old paint.

Only then the coat with a new color.

3. For Production of Various Industries

There are also types of non-steel industries that use caustic soda in the manufacture of their products…

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Such as the production of wood pulp, paper, textiles, soaps and detergents.


This is how to use caustic soda for clogged toilets.

Hope useful, friend 99.

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