How to make your own simple TV antenna at home, easy!

How to make your own simple TV antenna at home, easy!

How to make a simple TV antenna at home

Can’t watch TV at home? Relax, let’s follow how to make a simple TV antenna at home with easy steps here!

For those of you who don’t subscribe to cable TV or use satellite dishes, using an antenna is a solution to get cheaper TV broadcasts.

Although the price of an antenna tends to be cheaper than a set-top box or satellite antenna, many people have problems to buy this device.

If cost constraints are a barrier, there is nothing wrong with knowing how to make a simple TV antenna easily at home.

How to make a TV antenna and the steps? Check out the discussion together!

How to make a simple TV antenna easily

TV antenna for poor signal areas

1. Equipment Preparation

Before making a simple TV antenna, there are some tools and equipment that we must have.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to buy completely new things.

Because, the use of used items is always very suitable to make a simple antenna easily,

Meanwhile, some TV antenna equipment internal required as follows:

  1. Nispang type zinc plate measures one meter.
  2. 75 ohm coaxial cable and connectors.
  3. A few bolts and nails to taste.
  4. Tools, screwdrivers and pliers. (You can use the equipment from home)
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After all the equipment and supplies are available, the next process is to make and assemble the antenna.

2. Cut Zinc or Aluminum Plate

The second step, prepare a zinc / aluminum plate, and cut it in a trapezoidal shape according to the average size.

In addition to being trapezoidal, be sure to also make a square plan as part of the coating with a size between 13 cm to 20 cm.

So that the results look clean and maximal, cut the plate as precisely as possible so that it is easy to shape well.

3. Connect the Aluminum Cross Section with the Network Cable

The third step, the cross section or core of this zinc/aluminum plate will form an element pole on the antenna.

This element must be connected with a 75 ohm coaxial cable in the slot of the TV antenna section, which is installed in a parallel circuit.

4. TV Antenna completely assembled

TV antenna ready

Source: YouTube / Old Man TV

After the cable series has been installed properly, the results of the antenna will resemble the antennas sold in the market.

On the threaded and transverse side of the antenna, you can see the coating of the antenna.

The antenna coating works as a TV signal director based on UHF units (Ultra High Frequency).

In addition to using zinc, you can also use a plywood board that is covered with aluminum foil.

What to pay attention to making a simple TV antenna

Cable and signal capture line construction

Source: Pasang

In addition to the process of making a TV antenna with sufficient materials, there are many other things that you should pay attention to.

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First, make sure the bolts are attached tightly and firmly.

In this way, the antenna can withstand strong wind when it is installed outside.

In addition to tight bolts, cables coaxial it must be attached to the antenna, because it is very influential on the capture of TV broadcasts.

The cost of making a simple TV antenna

To know the production capital of a simple TV antenna, it can be detailed as follows:

  1. Aluminum plate: IDR 15 thousand.
  2. 75 ohm coaxial cable: IDR 25 thousand.
  3. Bolts and nails: IDR 5 thousand.

The three materials can be estimated at Rp.45 thousand, to make this a TV antenna.

The price will be cheaper when you use used items.

This cost is certainly cheaper when compared to an indoor TV antenna whose prices start from Rp. 60 thousand to Rp. 150 thousand.


Thus, by making a simple TV antenna that is easy and cheap, you can apply it from home, at least to fill your free time.

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