How to make your own simple terrarium

How to make your own simple terrarium

make terrariums

Although it is a hobby that is loved by many people, not all green plants have easy maintenance. In any case, there is a way to create a mini garden, namely to make plants terrarium.

This concept is also suitable for you to apply if you live in a residence that does not have large land for gardening like an apartment.

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How to do it is quite easy. We just need to provide a container terrarium to present a small garden. Then, put it on the shelf as a display to beautify the room.

So, what really Terrarium which one?

For some people, the term “terrarium“It still sounds foreign. Terrarium or what is commonly called a succulent plant is the art of arranging ornamental plants in a glass container.

Terrarium also commonly used to show miniature gardens, as well as simulating real conditions in nature in glass media, ranging from the desert ecosystem, the desert ecosystem, to the tropical rain forest ecosystem.

It does too terrarium it is suitable for you to put as an additional decoration so that the room becomes more artistic. The room looks more green, beautiful, fresh and fun.

So, how to do it Terrarium Right?

Have you ever thought about owning a plant? terrarium? Turns out you can do it yourself, you know. You just need to follow the steps below.

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1. Prepare Basic Tools and Materials

make terrariums
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Of course, you have to prepare some tools and materials as the key to success in make a terrarium the beautiful Make sure you have a shovel to insert and level the planting medium, which can be sand or soil.

So, you also need scissors to cut the plants. Do not forget to prepare the bottle pulverizer to water the plants. This can give a cool effect and also keep the plant moist so it doesn’t die quickly.

2. Provide the Right Container

make terrariums
Use glass containers for terrarium plants

One of the only terrarium found in the container used. Instead of using a pot, here’s how terrarium the right thing is to put it in a closed container, namely a glass container.

You can arrange them in vases, glass bottles, aquariums that of course can also give an aesthetic impression and look like a mini glass garden.

3. Prepare Small Decorations

succulent plant

It is not enough just to use a glass container, you can decorate it terrarium plants this by adding some small decorations.

Prepare gravel, rocks, coal, planting medium and plants in the container. Then, add some accessories to make it more beautiful, such as shells, branches and miniatures.

How to decorate like this is suitable for you to apply to types of plants with slow growth, such as succulent terrariummoss, nails and cactus.

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4. Nanny Terrarium correctly

decorate mini gardens

The most exciting and fun part of doing it mini garden this is the setup. Make sure recipient terrarium that you use is clean and dry. Then, put the decorative gravel as the base layer.

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To keep the soil fresh, you can start to put drainage in the form of small colored stones on the bottom layer. Then, cover the decorative gravel with white sand.

As for the top layer, you can apply fertilizer as a medium for plants to grow. Make sure to gently pressing it to prevent air pockets that can cause the surface to rise.

Dig a small hole in the ground and enter the plant your choice. Also determine the decorations according to taste so that the plants look more attractive.

So, here are tips for artificial terrarium plants that can be your inspiration.

terrarium plants
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Well, there are some how to do terrarium which you can try to do at home. Agar plants terrarium you are always awake and well taken care of, avoid putting the container in direct sunlight.

Also make sure to always spray water on a regular basis to maintain moisture. Take care of the plants as best you can to keep them healthy and avoid weeds.

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