How to make your own dish soap at home, easy!

How to make your own dish soap at home, easy!

Young woman washing dishes with a sponge

How to make your own dish soap worth trying, photo source Unsplash

There are many ways to maintain health, not only through exercise and consuming nutritious food, paying attention to the cleanliness of the environment is also important. For example, starting from ensuring the cleanliness of the food to be consumed. Serving food on dirty dishes facilitates the transfer of germs and bacteria, risking your health.

Speaking of washing dishes, there are currently different brands of instant dish soap that are easy to find in supermarkets, markets and minimarkets. However, did you know that you can make dish soap at home with natural ingredients?

Curious? Find out how to make your own dish soap at home easily!

How to make dish soap from lime

The annoying thing about doing dishes is dealing with stubborn grease on the dishes that just won’t go away. Even though I scrubbed and rinsed it several times, there is still grease attached. The lime is considered effective to spread the fat on the plate while the dish has a good smell. How to make dish soap from lime is easy, just squeeze the lime in hot water, then use it when you wash the dishes.

How to make dish soap from Belimbing Wuluh

Who would have thought that the wuluh belimbing that is commonly found in dishes, such as meat acids, is suitable for use as a dishwasher. The acid content in the belimbing wululuh is believed to be able to get rid of fat, dirt and unpleasant aromas on the dishes. How to make dish soap with starfruit is no less practical, first peel the starfruit and then rub it on the dirty dishes. Wait a few minutes then rinse.

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Aloe vera

Not only famous for its properties for skin care, like moisturizing, a useful ingredient for shampoo and conditioner as well as fresh processed aloe vera gel, aloe vera is also effective for cleaning dirty dishes, you know. Mix aloe vera and olive oil and heat together. Wait until it hardens in the mold, and the aloe vera dishwashing soap is ready to use.


The three previous materials were unable to generate foam when washing dishes. If you use an instant dish soap, it will foam when rubbed and mixed with water, unlike the previous natural ingredients. Well, if you want the foam to appear when you wash the dishes, then use lerak fruits. Boil the lerak fruit until it thickens, then strain it to put it in the bottle. Allow to cool.