How to make watermelon rind compost easily

How to make watermelon rind compost easily

how to make compost from watermelon skin

Don’t throw away the watermelon rind! There is that this material can be turned into compost for plants, here we go! Find out how to make compost from watermelon rinds here!

The rind of the watermelon is usually discarded because it is hard, hard to eat, and taste bland.

Although this organic material should not be thrown away immediately because it can be recycled into a better product.

That said, watermelon rinds can be turned into organic compost that can make plants more fertile.

How to make watermelon rind compost is also very easy, here we go!

Check out the benefits and how you can emulate them below!

Benefits of using compost from watermelon skin

how to make compost from easy watermelon rinds

illustration of how to make compost from watermelon rind

There is a reason why watermelon rinds are suitable for composting.

According to SFGATEwatermelon is rich in nitrogen content needed by plants.

Nitrogen is needed by plants for the process of making food into chlorophyll in leaves.

Chlorophyll is very important because it is an ingredient for the process of making food and also making green substances in plants.

Not only that, chlorophyll also contains amino acids or proteins that make plants not die easily.

With an optimal food formation process, plants can grow optimally.

In addition, watermelon also has a high water content that is needed by plants.

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So, stop wasting watermelon skin and turn this material into organic fertilizer for houseplants.

How to make compost from soaked watermelon rind

how to make compost from watermelon rind at home

illustration of how to make compost from watermelon rind

Are you interested in making compost from this fruit peel?

As it turns out, the method is very easy and you can do it at home.

Here’s how to make fertilizer from watermelon rinds that you can imitate:

  1. First, prepare the watermelon skin and cut it into small pieces, making sure that the white part of the watermelon skin is still there.
  2. Then, put the pieces of watermelon rind in the jar and add water until all the pieces are submerged.
  3. Then, leave the pieces of watermelon rind in the water for a few days to a month.
  4. Next, strain the watermelon water and pour it into a closed container or container.
  5. You can use watermelon peel fertilizer for your plants.

Before using this organic fertilizer for plants, make sure to dissolve it first with water.

Then, use the water and filtered watermelon water mixture to water the plants.

How to make compost from cut watermelon rind

In addition to removing it in water, you can also make fertilizer from pieces of watermelon rind.

Here’s how to make compost from pieces of watermelon rind:

  1. Cut the watermelon rind into small pieces to make it easier to break.
  2. Mix pieces of watermelon rind or “green” material with dead leaves, twigs and cardboard or “brown” material in a bowl.
  3. Put some water in a container filled with pieces of watermelon and dead leaves.
  4. Let the microbes interact and break down the “green” and “brown” materials until they form compost.
  5. After the material has been composted for a few days, you can apply it directly to your plants.
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Be sure to use this fertilizer only once every one to two weeks.

Do not use fertilizer every day, because this can kill the plant.

This is because the watermelon rind is converted into a high fertilizer that contains nitrogen, but lacks potassium and phosphorus.

Potassium and phosphorus are the ingredients needed by plants to thrive.

Therefore, the use of organic fertilizers from watermelon rinds can unbalance the nutrients in the plants in your home.

To overcome this, you can also apply a fertilizer rich in potassium or phosphorus to your plants.


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