How to make unique ringtones for WhatsApp

How to make unique ringtones for WhatsApp – Whatsapp is one of the most popular chat apps and also has the most users today, even almost all mobile phone users have the app installed. Using WA, we can easily communicate with anyone through chat, phone or video calls.

Moreover, the whatsapp app itself has many features and benefits that keep its users comfortable and at home using this chat app, we can also make unique ringtones for whatsapp itself. So there is a different sound when there is a message or an incoming call.

There are many ways to create unique WhatsApp ringtones on the internet, but sometimes we are too lazy to watch or watch video tutorials on YouTube. Therefore, in this article, we will share the tricks and methods completely, so you should read our review until complete.

For the tricks we are going to share about making WhatsApp ringtones, some use software and some without software, you can just choose the one you find easy. Take a look at the full review we launched below that.

How to make unique ringtones for WhatsApp

For the first time, we will share unique WhatsApp ringtones without software so that you don’t need to download and install third-party apps. Just follow the steps we have prepared.

  • First, you need to switch to the browser application
  • Go to next Audio text wa
  • If you are on the first page of the site, there will be a “Text” column. If there is a call from A to B. Then adjust the name of the contact whose ringtone will appear
  • Then click “Voice” column, then click and select “Indonesian language”, now click “Send”
  • Scroll down until you see “Voices.”
  • Just click the “Play” button to listen to your voice
  • If the sound is considered correct, simply “DOWNLOAD”
  • You just need to search for the downloaded file in your mobile phone, DNA is usually stored in internet storage, so just search for it in “File manager”.
  • Now simply move the sound to the Ringtone or Music folder via the File Manager.
  • Then just open WhatsApp app and go to settings
  • After that, click on the notification and select the prepared ringtone
  • You set the ringtone for both phone calls and incoming messages
  • It’s over
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Whatsapp Viral Ringtones Collection 2022

  • Another Dering WA Viral on Tiktok

For tiktok lovers then you can use tiktok viral ringtones to make sounds on whatsapp.

  • Short Whatsapp Ringtones

Sometimes there are wa users who want to use short ringtones, meaning they like simple ones and don’t get too excited when there are incoming calls or incoming messages. Therefore, it is very suitable if you use a simple and short ringtone.

  • Funny and unique WA ringtones

For those who love humor and humor, we have also prepared funny WhatsApp sounds so that you can have fun and laugh at yourself when you receive a call.

This ringtone is perfect for Korean movie lovers and most of them are women.

This is the discussion we can deliver on how to make unique ringtones for WhatsApp, you just need to follow each of the tutorials we have provided above. If not, you can also download the ringtone from the provided link.