How to make candles from cooking oil easy and fast

How to make candles from cooking oil easy and fast

how to make candles from cooking oil

Here are tips and steps on how to make candles from cooking oil that you need to know when a light goes out.

We experienced blackouts or power failures and they made us feel irritated.

Especially if you are doing something important.

Productivity can be drastically reduced because electric current dead and lack of light.

For temporary lighting, people usually prepare candles or lamps emergency so that the house is not black.

However, what if we don’t have candles or lamps emergency? Or forget to buy.

Eits… don’t worry!

Why, you can use cooking oil as an alternative.

Come on, let’s just look at how to make candles from cooking oil that is easy and fast below, publish different sources.

How to make candles from cooking oil

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

How to make candles from cooking oil


First, you have to prepare the tools and materials to make candles from cooking oil.

Some of the tools that should be prepared include:

  1. Thread
  2. Frying oil
  3. Recital
  4. scissors

These are the 4 main tools you need to prepare to make candles from cooking oil.

The yarn has a function as a channel between the cooking oil and a source of fire that will become a source of lighting later.

Try using a thick thread to make it more durable and long lasting.

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You can use a matchstick when you have trouble finding a thick thread.

After everything is ready, you can move on to the next stage, namely the manufacturing process.

2. Pour the cooking oil into the container

After all the materials and tools are ready, you can start the process of making candles from cooking oil.

First, you must pour the cooking oil into a large enough container.

You can use an unused glass or plastic bottles ex.

If you are using an old plastic bottle, cut a circle around the body of the bottle to make it easier to pour the oil into the container.

After the container is prepared, pour enough cooking oil into the container.

Do this step carefully so as not to spill.

3. Wire scissors

How to make candles from cooking oil easy


After the cooking oil is poured into the container, you can cut the wire according to the depth of the bottle or container.

Try to keep the end of the thread touching the bottom of the container so that the oil that feeds the candle can be used perfectly.

Then leave a few cm of wire at the top as a place to light the fire.

Do not let this dry part get oiled because it will be difficult during installation.

4. Candles are ready to be lit

After everything is ready to be installed, you can try to light a candle from cooking oil.

The durability of this wax depends on how much cooking oil you pour into the container first.

When it’s done, all you have to do is cool the candle with cooking oil.

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It is a good idea to change the container and the content of the cooking oil every 3 months so that the fire can burn as brightly as possible.

You can also change the wire at the same time so that the distribution of cooking oil to the candle can be more uniform and larger.

Good luck!

Well, that’s a complete explanation of how to make candles cooking oil which can be done at home.

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