How to make an Attractive CV according to Recruiters. Self Interview!

How to make an Attractive CV according to Recruiters. Self Interview!

How to make an interesting CV

The global economic conditions that are in decline after the Covid-19 pandemic have forced many companies to make efficiency efforts.

This causes an increase in the unemployment rate in Indonesia.

The Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported that Indonesia’s unemployment rate was 8.42 million people in the period of August 2022, from the previous 8.40 million people in February 2022.

This means that the competition for work here will be much tougher than before.

Therefore, it is very important for you to do different ways to attract recruiter.

One of the fundamental things in this case is of course understanding how to make an attractive CV.

There are so many out there model Circulating CV.

Sometimes, this makes job seekers confused about who to follow.

This time, interviewed Yuni Kartika Sembiring, a recruitment consultant of one of the companies. head hunter famous

So, instead of making more mistakes, see how to make an attractive CV according to people who check candidates’ CVs every day!

how to make an attractive cv according to HR

Yuni Kartika Sembiring, recruitment consultant from the company head hunter famous

How to make an Attractive CV according to Recruiters

1. Avoid making a long CV

job application

Recruiter You don’t have much time to read every CV that comes in at the bottom.

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So, make sure your CV shows that you can provide what the company needs.

Avoid explaining in long sentences.

Give a short description that gives an idea of ​​yourself, and of course what is related to the vacancy.

2. Enter keywords that are relevant to the job

interesting examples of cv hrd


The best way to get attention recruiter is to be written keywords aka keywords relevant to the job.

“When you spread the vacancies in platform LinkedIn or something else, I’ll list you requirement for related posts. When you open a candidate’s CV, the first thing you read is the appropriate keyword requirement what I wrote,” said Yuni.

“For example, a company needs employees with ability sure, if in the CV there are keywords like ability that, contact you directly for telephone interview,he added.

3. Do not be desperate to lie or exaggerate previous work experience

Illustration of a senior employee working in an office -

It is not uncommon to find candidates who are determined to lie about their previous professional experience in order to get a job.

If you don’t want to embarrass yourself, then it’s better to push away the thoughts of doing something like that.

Maybe you can cross the language during a job interview, but there is a risk that the lie will be exposed.

If the worst happens, prepare to be unemployed again!

4. Write Job description in any Work Experience

resume for job application


Try to keep your CV short but detailed.

When writing about work experience, include it job description in any position occupied.

It is also important to know job description must be written in the form pointeravoid writing descriptively.

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Try to start job description using verbs.

“Instead of writing I develop our internal mobile applicationsreplace with develop our internal mobile applicationsYuni added.

5. achievement it will be a plus value

Job interview tips


If you have success in present position, put in the end job description.

“For example people salesusually their achievements capable of in relation with aim. This can be written: Achievement: Successfully increased 120% of our revenue in 2020,he said.

“For what success what is achieved in that position will also be a selling point,” Yuni added.

In order new graduate who want to write successas much as possible write the achievements that are relevant to the job that is applied for.

6. Include the period of work in the previous company

The period of work in the previous company is also very important.

Why, a lot of HR do appraisals screening CV based on the period of how long the candidate has worked in a company.

But just write the month and year, the date doesn’t really matter.

7. Put only higher education or last education

campus building -

There are also some candidates who always make mistakes in writing educational history.

If the last education was S1 or S2, just write the last two institutions.

Meanwhile, for high school graduates, you can write the name of the school.

There is no need to describe the history of education until high school or even elementary school.

8. Subject and Body email Also no less important

subject body email send curriculum vitae


Understanding how to make an attractive CV for a job application is not enough, also pay attention subject and email body.

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Why, when you send a CV through emailOf course, you also have to complete both.

In order email subjectdo not leave it blank and be sure to write the position you are applying for.

Meanwhile for email body or so called cover letterbe very careful because this section is a means for recruiter to see if your CV is worth considering or not.

“Hon email bodywrite too keywords in compliance requirement This is the first weapon for the candidates,” Yuni added.

These are several ways to make an attractive CV, from the point of view of a recruitment consultant who reads candidates’ CVs every day.

Please follow the advice above, and good luck getting your dream job!


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