How to make a simple bamboo plant shelf that is easy and practical

How to make a simple bamboo plant shelf that is easy and practical

Simple bamboo plant shelf
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Gardening or growing ornamental plants has become a hobby for many people. With so many plants in the house, even if the area of ​​the house is not too big, the atmosphere will be much cooler.

Maybe you can even put the plant above the ground. But if there are more and more, you need a special place to put the plants. In addition to hanging it, you can put it on a simple bamboo plant rack.

Now there are many choices of bamboo racks, but the price is quite expensive. No need to worry because you can do it yourself at home. There are several tutorials that you can follow, for example below:

Video Tutorial How to make a simple bamboo plant shelf

Or one channel YouTube called Nabila Putriku Gallery provides a tutorial to make a simple bamboo rack. The steps you can follow at home, here is the video:

Advantages of using plant racks at home

Using a plant rack is not the only alternative space already full There are many advantages, for example:

Beautify the garden

The color of the plant rack varies. You can customize it with the home theme. For example, a simple bamboo rack is usually used in a minimalist style home. With muted colors like gray, white and black, the garden will be more beautiful.

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Watch Neat

The shape of the plant rack is usually layered. This makes the placement of ornamental plants cleaner. You can also choose plants that are placed on a shelf, hanging or above the ground.

Increase the green

The last benefit is growing green. Yes, the amount of oxygen released by the plants will make the home environment cooler and more comfortable.

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