How to make a simple and simple wooden table

How to make a simple and simple wooden table

How to make a wooden table

How to make a wooden table was very easy! Provided you prepare the tools and steps correctly and according to the procedure.

Tables are household furniture that must be in a house where someone lives.

Its function, which is useful for storing various necessities, such as plates, glasses and food, makes its existence irreplaceable.

Generally, people buy wooden tables in furniture stores at relatively high prices depending on the material.

But if you want to present a wooden table at a friendly and unique price, you can easily do it at home.

Besides being economical, you can also adapt to the general residential concept.

Curious how?

Let’s go, let’s just look at the full review of how to make the following simple wooden table, according to different sources.

How to make your own wooden table that is simple and true

1. Table Drawing Design

how to make a sketch board

Source: Technical kitchen

Make a design project for the shape of the table in advance so that the design is according to your wishes

After your design drawing is ready, outline the dimensions.

The size of the table varies greatly depending on the type of table you are making.

In other words, the dining table will have different dimensions than other types of tables.

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Organize the layout of the table when you make the dimensions so that it fits and fits

You have to do it according to the size you need.

2. Assemble the Table Top Parts

There are two steps to making the table.

First using a wooden board.

The advantage of using boards is that they are cheaper than single sheets.

Glued boards are the easiest to work with, but if you can use dowels to make a board stand then maybe you should try.

The second way is to use a single sheet of wood.

If you choose to use this method, you can save money with plywood construction.

Cut, glue and clamp the board and leave it overnight.

3. Make the bottom of the table

how to make a table to put under the table

Source: Technical kitchen

Measure a few cm inside the table to make it fit.

The exact width of the table will vary depending on the dimensions of your table.

Turn the table over and draw a square on the base according to what you have done.

Separate two pairs of wood for the front and two for the sides of the table.

Glue and staple this log parallel to the line you made on the bottom of the table.

You may prefer to use screws to attach these pieces permanently or to hold them in place until the glue dries.

4. Make the Table Legs

After the top and bottom of the table are finished, now it’s time for you to make the legs.

Cut a leg to the size you want.

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Then make another 3 legs of the same size

Pinch all the legs of your table together.

Cut four table legs to the same width while they are still stapled, using the first leg as a reference.

Make sure that the feet are the same height so that the table does not shake when in use.

5. Pair the Table Legs with the Top and Bottom

how to make the final pairing table

Source: Technical kitchen

The last way to make a wooden table that you have to do is to pair the legs with the top and the bottom of the table that has been made.

You can use sandpaper to smooth the rough parts of the wood for comfortable use.

After that, you can paint the table with wood paint to make it more attractive and convenient to use.



So, here are tips and steps on how to make simple wood yourself at home, which is easy and correct.

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