How to make a minimalist vertical garden at home

How to make a minimalist vertical garden at home

There is an alternative to presenting a garden at home even if you do not have a large area, namely to create a minimalist vertical garden. If you don’t know, vertical garden is a gardening technique that uses vertical space in the house. This can be applied in the internal neither out of. Interestingly, vertical garden The minimalist can vary, such as the greening of the house, the productive activity, the use of the area, to the aesthetics.

How to make a vertical garden is not difficult. However, there are several crucial things that must be considered so that the results are appropriate and pleasing to the eye. Here are tips and ways to create a vertical garden that you can follow. If you want a greener home, try to follow these steps, yes.

1. Choose an appropriate topic

make a vertical garden

It is the same with the garden in the front garden of the house, concept or theme vertical garden really need to think about it. In the selection, make sure that it corresponds to the theme of the design of the house, so that it is harmonious and does not collide. There are many themes that can be chosen, such as classic, modern, tropical, to traditional. As for the theme, then you need to choose the appropriate plants as well. Both are related to the location of the vertical garden that is made, both the area internal o out of.

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2. Determine the Place or Wall for the Vertical Garden

make a vertical garden

When determining the theme and concept, you also need to consider the location you want to use. In its place, in reality a vertical garden can be in the area internal o out of, but it is better to prioritize the wall exposed to enough sun. This is done to maintain the growth, development and freshness of the plant.

Also, make sure that the walls used are strong enough and resistant at all times. Next, choose a wall that is resistant to impact, but also easy to paint or install tools for the garden. Why, then you need to ask square in the vertical garden.

3. Prepare Tools and Materials

make a vertical garden

If everything is ready, you can do it immediately vertical garden with the desired concept and area. First, you need to prepare some of the necessary equipment and materials.

In general, the following materials are needed when creating a vertical garden out of and internal: :

  • Iron frame, with size according to the space of the wall
  • Wood to make a plant rack attached to the wall and done frame, about 6 pieces with a size of 10x5x5 cm or as needed
  • 1 piece of plastic the size of an iron frame
  • Hessian cloth the size of an iron frame
  • Wood paint, choose one that is resistant to all weathers and durable
  • Screws, dowels and strip connectors, and iron cramps

In addition to the above items, they also prepare the following equipment:

  • Boron
  • hammer
  • screwdriver
  • garden saw

4. Create a frame that matches the garden concept

make a vertical garden

Then you can do it directly square or frame for the basic structure of the vertical garden. The function of this frame is to support plastic, fabric, and plants that will be used later. In its manufacture, make sure that the size is in accordance with the wall of the field alias, to anticipate things that are not desired.

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You can do it square This method uses thick comrades or PVC pipes of a certain size. Instead, avoid the use of iron for the frame, because it can rust and the load is too heavy. So, it is also not recommended to use wood because it is easily fragile.

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5. Install the Garden Shelves, Walls, and Burlap

make a vertical garden

When the frame is ready, you can start preparing the rack. As an option, you can attach three truss boards with thick wire, then twist them around the frame using strip at every corner. In this way, the shelf will be more robust.

Next, go to the walls. To protect the walls from the roots of the plant and moisture, put a sheet of plastic. Before that, make sure that the frame is fixed to the wall with a drill and a plug. If you have, cover it with plastic, then give it a cloth. For the fabric, choose a fiber that is not too tight, because there is a space for the plants to breathe. Then, also fill the canvas with soil, up to the size of square. Well, later, cloth or something else will be used as a pot, as in ordinary planting.

6. Create a drainage system

make a vertical garden

Another thing that is not less important is to create a system drainage or water infiltration. Function of drainage itself is to regulate and absorb excess water, so that it does not stagnate. Although it seems trivial, this is important to do, because it can help the plants grow healthy and fertile. Also, on vertical garden, the media is on the wall. Also, water absorption is important to keep the fabric of the plant moist. In addition,

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7. Determine the Crops Planted

make a vertical garden

The planting medium is ready, it’s time to choose and determine the plants. In the selection, make sure to use plants that require a dry environment and not too wet. One that can be chosen is the bush plants. Meanwhile, avoid using vines because it will make it difficult to control their growth.

8. Cover the top of the garden

make a vertical garden

To prevent the plants from drying out, the top of the garden can be covered with straw or other elements. This will also slow down the decay process, so the plants in the vertical garden will last longer. Also, make sure to water regularly, so that the plant thrives.

Here’s how to do it vertical garden which is easy to practice. This vertical garden is suitable for use in homes with tight soil to keep it green. How are you interested in doing it?

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