How to make a low maintenance home garden

How to make a low maintenance home garden

how to design a low maintenance garden

Do you want to create a home garden that is simple and easy to maintain? Find out how to make a beautiful home garden low maintenance through this article, go!

There are many aspects that must be considered in making a garden, especially if you want to make a garden that is low maintenance or minimal maintenance.

The garden is an important part of the house that makes the atmosphere more alive.

As we all know, the average house in Indonesia must have a garden, whether it is just an exhibition or one that has the function of interacting with the residents.

“Some house designs are suggested that there should be an open space. It is really a characteristic of houses in Indonesia or in tropical countries, that a house needs a garden,” said Irfan Muhammad, a landscape architect, to the team.

According to Irfan, the presence of a garden or garden at home provides various benefits, such as air intake, space so much better, and definitely more comfortable.

However, today, in large cities, the problem of limited land begins to appear, making it even more difficult to design parks.

Not only that, in the midst of a fast and busy life, some people do not have enough time to take care of their home garden.

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So, is there a solution for those who also want to have a home garden, but don’t want too much hassle with maintenance?

At Team, Irfan Muhammad shared some tips on how to make a beautiful home garden. low maintenance!

You can make a garden Low maintenance and Low Budget?

Irfan Muhammad Landscape architect

Source: Personal documentation of Irfan Muhammad

Before discussing more about how to make a garden with minimal maintenance, maybe not a few people are wondering if you can make a garden that is low maintenance at time low budget.

It is undeniable, the budget is one of the important considerations when you want to make a garden at home.

“If you want to plan a garden that low maintenance, at the beginning the budget is quite large. However, if you want that low budgetmore extra care,” said Irfan.

So, basically, the park low budget need extra care while the garden is low maintenance it requires a bigger budget in the beginning.

How to make a home garden Low maintenance

1. Determine the Function of the Garden

low maintenance garden design

One of the things that must be considered in how to make a garden low maintenance is to determine the function of the park itself, both the function of the house and the interaction with its inhabitants.

“Home gardens generally don’t work to play the gardens outside as options are few a lot, choose only one. Will the garden be for sitting, hydroponics, gardening, car parking, or children’s play? What is good about the home garden is that they get to choose one to do the garden work,” said Irfan.

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When you want to make a home garden, the first thing to think about is the function of the garden itself, then other things can be adjusted.

2. Integrate the Park with the Hall of the House

Garden design integrated with the kitchen

In this modern era, there are not a few houses that integrate the garden area with the rooms of the house, be it the living room, the dining room or even the kitchen.

This could be a way to make a garden have more than one function.

“For example, the garden is connected to the kitchen, so the garden can become extend areas for eating or other activities. Or the garden is connected to the living room, the garden can be used as an additional space for gathering,” said Irfan.

3. Choose the right plants

cactus plants for garden

Low maintenance that now, the gardens that are claimed to be aesthetic, he who has reduced the pruning treatment. Plants such as cacti or succulents are definitely used. Maybe it will be expensive at first if you choose a large size,” said Irfan.

The best choice of plants for the garden low maintenance they are ornamental plants that are really low maintenance, such as cactus plants, succulents and the like.

There are many types of cacti and succulent plants. So you can be more flexible in the choice.

“When talking about a real park low maintenancethe best succulent,” he continued.

4. Choose an Appropriate Ground Cover

how to make a low maintenance coral garden

In addition to choosing the right plants, the choice of the garden cover must also be carefully considered in the design of a beautiful garden. low budget.

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“Now No you need grass too, if you want to use synthetic grass that’s fine too. If you want something aesthetic, you want to use coral jno problem,” said Irfan.

In the selection of this floor, it must be adjusted again with the budget, the care and the preferences.


That’s how to make a home garden low maintenanceProperty People!

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