How to make a glass wall waterfall at home easy

How to make a glass wall waterfall at home easy

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Do you want to make a different look inside the house? Go ahead, see how to make a quick and easy glass wall waterfall below.

In general, the walls of the house are made of brick or a strong type of concrete.

Concepts like this are quite common and are widely used in many residential areas.

But you can outsmart it by making a glass wall waterfall that is quite modern and elegant.

The design of the waterfall glass wall will make the atmosphere of the house more lively and flowing.

In addition, running water can also relieve stress for homeowners.

This is suitable for those of you who commute to work every day and have to deal with traffic in big cities.

If you are interested in making home decorations like this, this is perfect!

Because you reviewed it in full.

Let’s go, let’s see how to make a glass wall waterfall at home without calling a mannequin, according to various sources.

How to make a glass wall waterfall at home easy

1. Preparation of Tools and Materials

How to make a water wall waterfall, prepare the tools

Source: Tokopedia

The first thing you should prepare is to provide various tools and materials before making a water wall waterfall.

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Here are some of them:

  • House glass
  • Water pump
  • PVC pipe
  • Lem Sealant glass
  • The PVC
  • Boron
  • Dinabol or fisherman
  • wood
  • Emphasis

If you have prepared some of the above materials, you can move on to the next step, namely breaking into the walls of the house.

2. Breaking the Walls of the House

Next, you can break some of the wall below the house window to install the bottom gutter.

This tool can be made of gutters, fiber or PVC.

This gutter has a function to accommodate the pump and accommodate the flowing water.

Tips so that the bottom gutter can be installed properly, you must use it fisherman to stick to the wall.

Fisher has relatively strong strength so it is safer.

3. Installation of the pipe along the size of the glass

How to make the right water wall waterfall

Source: home decorations

Make sure that the size of the pipe corresponds to the length of the window to be made of water glass.

After that, make a hole in the pipe with a drill or a nail.

The goal is that the water that drips can flow smoothly.

If it is still attached, make more holes.

In addition to the large number of holes, you can also determine the size of the holes to adjust the intensity of the falling water.

Position the pipe that was previously drilled to the wall with clamps.

The hole is directed obliquely towards the glass.

At the same time, install glass on the wall as the main decoration of this decoration.

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You can also decorate according to your wishes

4. Installation of the water pump

The location of the pump must be in the middle of the lower pit, so that the flow of water can be divided into two and have the same force.

Install the pipe that has the shape of the letter “T” in the hole of the pump.

Then connect the “T” pipe together with the two pipes placed on each side of the glass.

When you are done, connect each pipe that is on the side of the glass with the pipe above.

If so, you can cover the pipes with wood so that the windows are always comfortable for the owner’s eyes.

5. Glass Wall Waterfall Text

How to make a water wall waterfall

Fill the lower sewer pipe with water until it is full.

Then you can start turning on the pump so that the water starts flowing through the glass of the house.


So, that’s how to make a glass wall waterfall at home that is easy and fast.

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