How to make a Garden Cliff Relief, quick and easy!

How to make a Garden Cliff Relief, quick and easy!

For those of you who have designed the exterior of a house with a garden, perhaps most Pins want to make a special corner. One of them is to make a relief on one side of the wall. It can be designed outside or semi-outdoor, it turns out that how to make this garden cliff relief is quite simple.

The reliefs of this garden wall can highlight an impression similar to the natural rocks on cliffs and waterfalls. You can bring the shades of nature close to where you live. In this place, you can use the area as a small sturdy pot.

To achieve and beautify this place, you can pay for professional services for maximum results and according to desire. For Pins that you want to test yourself, you can try the methods and steps below. It can be adapted to taste varying from shape to color.

The steps:

Define design and area

The first step to making a relief of the cliff wall is to determine the area to be made. You can choose a wall area that is outside or semi-outdoor in front of the house. At the same time, Pins must also have found a design to imitate.

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Prepare materials and equipment

Garden wall relief tools and materials

After the design and area are determined, Pins can begin to prepare materials and equipment to create a garden relief that usually consists of:

  • Point missed
  • semen
  • Small concrete mixer with skin
  • Wall painting
  • Other additives

Stacking bricks

Prepare the mixed concrete and bricks. Arrange the bricks that have been coated with cement on the walls at the bottom. Make sure there are no gaps between them to ensure the sides are sturdy and won’t fall easily due to water and sun erosion.

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Exterior brick cladding

After the interior is neatly arranged, Pins are also required to coat the outer surface of the brick with cement. At this stage, you need to make sure that the layers are cleaned first. Make sure this process is done quickly before the cement dries.

Cement thickener in some parts

The steps in how to get relief start here. In some parts, you can begin to thicken the concrete in some areas where the relief will be made. You can start by opening the design sketch that was determined at the beginning. The thickness and thinness of the portion is adapted to taste. To print, you can do it with the help of a small shovel that was used to smooth and flatten the concrete on the wall.

The effect stands out in the middle area

The effect stands out in the middle area

A minimalist garden wall design can be done by giving a prominent effect in the middle area of ​​the wall. Give the bricks that are nailed at the top and bottom so that this area can be more solid. You can space the other reliefs and apply the same method by first adding bricks.

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Recover with cement

After the additional briquettes are glued, you can re-coat with cement on the surface. There is no need to be too neat, the thickness can be adjusted according to the sketch design in relief. There is no need to be too neat, because there will be an advanced process in the finishing section.

Scrap the outside

To leave a natural impression, you can scrape the outside that has been covered with concrete with the help of thick plastic. Pins need to ensure that the surface of the wall is always half dry to make this process easier.

Excavate certain parts

dig up the relief of the garden

The relief will look more real if there are some areas that are sunken. You can make this accent by punching holes in some areas randomly and not in a straight line. Pins can also use the ends of hammer handles.

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Layering and smooth relief

If you feel that the thickness is still missing, you can smooth the relief by thickening the cement on the outside. Match it with the design that was chosen earlier. You can repeat the above steps until you get the thickness you want.

Painting process

After the relief is finished, you can wait for the cement to dry first. Then, Pins can make preparations for painting as the finishing stage. You can use any brand of wall paint. The color can also be adjusted according to taste. Usually, you can choose gray, brown, red, and others in dark tones to leave a natural impression. Once painted, just wait for it to dry and the garden rock is ready to beautify the area in the corner of your house.

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How to make a garden cliff relief above is quick enough to do yourself even for beginners. The budget that needs to be prepared is also relatively cheap. Pins are required to be consistent and patient to work on the process from design selection, sketching, manufacturing, to finishing.

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