How to make a fish pond from the correct bricks

How to make a fish pond from the correct bricks

How to make a fish pond with bricks

To make the house cooler, there is nothing wrong with knowing how to make a brick fish pond and the steps here!

In the house, there are many corners that can be used for many things, from the terrace to the patio.

Instead of leaving it alone, use the empty space to make a fish pond.

The existence of the fish pond can provide an atmosphere that flows into the house so that it looks aesthetically pleasing.

Not only a fish pond, you can also combine decorative accents with a green atmosphere of refreshing texture.

Well, one of the materials that are often used to make this area is stone.

I like how you do it, huh? Check out the discussion together, as reported by Fandi Bagol’s Youtube!

How to make a minimalist fish pond from bricks

To simplify the manufacturing process, consider the following steps:

1. Brick Wall Installation

How to install bricks for fish ponds at home

Prepare the wall bricks you want to use.

There are many types of bricks you can use, ranging from hebel bricks to red bricks.

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However, hebel brick is a material that is expensive.

Make sure you can adjust the number of bricks between one part and another to make it more cost effective.

To make a fish pond of 185 cm x 65 cm x 55 cm, 60 hebel bricks or 150 red bricks are needed.

After the brick is ready, then glue with cement.

So, you can prepare a space of 80 × 50 cm for the glass wall.

2. Plastering

Missing the Pemelesteran point

The next step is the plaster process.

To build the entire pond, you can use a mixture of cement and sand.

If the mixture has been mixed evenly, cover the entire surface of the pool wall.

Before moving on to another stage, make sure that the plastered wall has a smooth texture.

3. Planting Fish Pond Filters

Water pump filter filter

Plant the filter in the fish pond with concrete.

If the filter is embedded, make sure that the end of the pipe is visible between the concrete layers.

4. Prepare a Pool water filter

The planting of filter pipes

In making a fish pond, do not forget to make a filter to ensure that the water remains clear.

It is enough to put the bricks in the back of the pool to do it.

5. Installation of Natural Stone Ceramics

increase the use of natural stone

After the pool media is prepared, the next step is the installation of natural stone ceramics.

Paste natural stone tiles on the plastered walls of the pool.

6. Install Fish Pond Glass

The use of a combined texture of glass

How to make a fish pond from bricks next is the process of installing the glass and its support.

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Make sure there is room for a backrest, then hang it properly and make sure it is straight.

7. Cast the Glass Side of the Fish Pond

The use of a combined texture of glass

Because the glass is sturdy, make the bottom of the glass with cement.

In order not to fall, use the wood as a support for the glass when casting.

narrow ground glass fish pond

8. Painting the Walls of the Fish Pond

Paint the fish pond

Then, to beautify the pool, you can use custom accents.

9. Filling Filter and Pool Water

Insert a fish pond filter

If this is done, the next step is to fill the pool with water and the pool filter.

So, how to make a brick fish pond has been completed.

The cost of making a brick fish pond

How much does it cost to build a brick fish pond? Apparently, the price is very competitive.

You can find the price details below:

Article The quantity Unit price price
Red brick 150 pieces 450 Rp 67,000 Rp
semen 2 thing 45,000 Rp 90,000 Rp
Bangka sand 1/2 Mobile Cap IDR 300,000 IDR 150,000
3/4 inch pipe 4 meters 7,000 Rp IDR 28,000
Pipe Kneel L 7 Fruits 4,500 Rp Rs. 31,500
Pipe Genu T 2 Fruits 4,500 Rp 9,000 Rp
Pipe glue 45 grams 7,000 Rp 75,500 Rp
Kuas Cat 1 Fruit IDR 5,000
Glass 10 mm 80 cm x 40 cm IDR 120,000
Leak proof coating paint 1 Bottle IDR 60,000
Artifact 1 Day IDR 160,000
Total IDR 848,000


These are some things you need to know how to make a fish pond out of straight bricks with steps.

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*** Photo source: Youtube Fandi Bagol