How to make a bookcase from used cardboard. Creative and Innovative!

How to make a bookcase from used cardboard. Creative and Innovative!

how to make a cardboard bookcase

Here are the steps on how to make an easy and creative cardboard bookcase. Go ahead, see the full tips in the next article.

Used cardboard can become trash that becomes rat’s nest at home.

Especially if it has not been used for a long time.

However, who would have thought that the cardboard used can also be the main material for making shelves?

Surely this has never happened to you before, right?

These tips will be very useful for those of you who are looking to bring a bookcase into your room or home, but funds are limited!

Instead of spending money, you can save money to buy books for other purposes that are no less important.

Come on, let’s just see how to make a bookcase from used cardboard that is creative and innovative below, publish different sources.

How to make a bookcase from used cardboard

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

How to make a bookcase with used cardboard tools and materials

Summary: Crafts

The first thing to prepare is the tools and materials.

The following is a list of tools and materials that are important for you to prepare before starting the process of assembling a cardboard bookcase.

  1. Used cardboard
  2. Fountain pen
  3. kingdom
  4. Cutter
  5. Lem
  6. Used CDs
  7. Paper kraft
  8. Types of plywood

When everything is ready, you can move on to the next stage.

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2. Cut the Cardboard In Parts

Like assembling a bookcase from wood, you have to cut the cardboard into several pieces to make the installation process easier.

Here are some parts that must be prepared.

  1. Large rectangular cardboard of 38 x 25 centimeters (1 piece)
  2. Average size of rectangular cardboard 25 x 17 centimeters (1 piece)
  3. Carton with rounded rectangular ends of 38 x 17 centimeters (2 pieces)
  4. Small rectangular cardboard of 23.5 x 17 centimeters (2 pieces)
  5. Small Square Carton size 9 x 9 centimeters (2 pieces)
  6. The smallest rectangular cardboard measuring 23.5 x 9 centimeters (1 piece)

3. Use DVD Chips to Create Circular Cardboard Parts

How to make a used DVD cardboard library

Summary: Crafts

Next, there is a section that you have to do in a circle.

You can use DVD to make the cutting process easier.

Cut out the cardboard using cutter on the outside of the DVD for smoother cuts

4. Cut the plywood

Not only DVD, you also need to cut the plywood as the base frame of the bookcase.

Plywood itself has a stronger strength than cardboard.

This prevents damage when the bookcase is exposed to water or other liquids

5. Combine Plywood and Cardboard in a Bookcase

How to make a cardboard bookcase

Summary: Crafts

Finally, you can add pieces of plywood that have been cut and combine them with the cardboard that has been cut before.

Use glue to glue to the bookcase.

Do this process carefully so that the glue on the cardboard seeps into the cardboard and creates a stain.

Wait until dry and bookstore of used cardboard is over!

Good luck!

Well, that’s how to make a cardboard bookshelf that you can follow.

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