How to know about Digital or Still Analog TV

How to know about Digital or Still Analog TV

How do you tell the difference between digital and analog TV

This is a quick and easy guide and how to discover digital or analog TV. Go ahead, see the full review in the next article.

In recent times, people have begun to discover how to find digital or analog TV in their homes.

This is related to the policies of the government, especially the Ministry of Communication and Information (Kemkominfo) that will carry out the migration process from the broadcast. Analog TV to digital TV in 2022.

With this migration process, later all Indonesians will be able to enjoy television broadcasts with higher quality and clarity.

However, some people in Indonesia still do not know whether the broadcast they are currently enjoying is digital TV or not.

Because, there are certain specifications or requirements that you must have if you want to enjoy digital broadcasts.

Go on, just see how to discover digital or analog TV that is easy and fast below.

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Easy and fast way to discover digital or analog TV

how to know digital or analog TV

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1. Check the Sticker on the Television Section

How to find out if your digital or analog TV is capable of capturing digital signals, by checking the sticker behind the screen.

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When there is a sticker or written information DVB-T2, ATSC, DTV, Digital Ready, HD Ready, HDTV, Digital Tuner, Built-in Digital Tuner, Built-in Digital Tuner, Or Digital Receiver.

Therefore, your television can capture digital signals independently.

However, it should be noted that each television product and brand has its own information and text that ensures that the product can capture digital broadcasts.

2. Know the complete Television Specifications

In addition to seeing the stickers on the television, you can also find out how to discover the digital or analog TV at home based on the TV specifications.

Using the television specifications shows whether your electronic device has the ability to capture full digital broadcasts.

You can find out the type of product you have and search for information about the television on the Internet.

Generally, the television manufacturer will inform you whether the electronic device you have supports digital TV transmission or not.

3. View List Channel TV purchased

How to know Digital TV or the next analogy that you can do is to directly check the broadcasts on television.

If you have a broadcast with HD writing on the back or front of the TV station, then your television already supports digital broadcasting.

Because, only digital broadcasts are able to capture digital broadcasts with HD quality.

On the other hand, if your television does not receive broadcasts with HD names on the back of the television station, then it is possible that your television does not support digital TV broadcasts.

Apart from the television, the reason your TV does not receive digital broadcasts may come from an antenna that does not support the reception of the digital signal.

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So make sure that all devices meet the standards and criteria.

4. Visit The website Ministry of Communication and Information

Kominfo certification


The last way you can find out if your television can capture digital broadcasts is to visit the page of the Ministry of Communications and IT at

On that page, you can find out how to find out which digital or analog TV you have, to catch digital broadcasts.

In addition to television, you can also control additional devices such as decoder TV capable of capturing digital broadcasts well.

How to install a TV antenna

How to install the TV antenna


Here is how to install a TV antenna that you can do.

  1. Select the antenna type that already supports digital TV transmission.
  2. Make sure the antenna connector fits your needs.
  3. Install the antenna cable bracket.
  4. Connect the cable and the connector.
  5. Attach the connector to the TV.
  6. Connect to the TV.


Well, this is how to discover digital or analog TV that you can do easily and quickly.

Hope useful, yes!

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