How to keep the rice so that it is not lice and long

How to keep the rice so that it is not lice and long

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Storing rice incorrectly can cause fleas and caterpillars to appear on your rice. Avoid this by following how to store rice so you don’t get lice on it!

One of the pests that are often found in rice are lice and caterpillars.

The reason why lice can appear on the rice is due to the presence of nits that were already present when the rice was still rice.

The presence of lice becomes even clearer when the rice is transformed into rice.

Although harmless, fleas can cause cavities and moisture in the rice, so it has the potential to grow mold that can threaten people’s health.

To overcome this, let’s look at the different ways to store rice so that you don’t have lice under it!

How to save rice to not have lice

1. Store in a Clean Container

how to store rice so that it does not have lice and hard

The first way to save rice from lice is to always store this food in a clean container.

Rice can last up to two years if stored in a metal, glass or thick plastic container in a closed condition.

Before adding the rice, make sure that the container has been washed and is completely clean of fleas or insects.

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If the rice has run out, re-wash the container before re-cooking.

2. Maintain cleanliness Around the Container

The next thing you should do is to keep the cleaning around the container good.

Do not only pay attention to the container of rice, but also to the environment around the container.

If you place the rice container next to the dry food container, make sure the dry food storage area is also clean.

Also check the nooks and crannies in the storage cabinet, if it is dusty or dirty, clean it first.

After the entire area around the container is cleaned, then save your rice storage area again.

This must be done because a dirty area can invite the presence of rice lice.

3. Save enough rice

the correct way to store rice so that it does not have lice

The next way to save rice so that it does not have lice is not to accumulate too much rice.

If you are not sure that you can keep the rice clean for a long time, you just have to save enough rice.

For example, if you store rice in a bag, open the bag only when you want to take the rice alone.

Do not open too many bags at the same time as this may encourage lice to grow in the rice.

4. Maintain rice storage temperature

The next thing you can do to make the rice last longer is to store it at the right temperature.

The right temperature to store rice is four degrees Celsius or less.

If the rice is stored in an airtight and cold place, it can last up to 30 years. that’s it!

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Also avoid storing the rice in a place exposed to sunlight so that the rice is not easily damaged.

5. Call the Rice Container Tightly

how to store rice to avoid lice and worms

The way to store rice so that it does not last for fleas is to always close the container of rice tightly.

An open container makes the storage area less airtight and makes the rice more susceptible to damage and fleas.

Therefore, do not forget to always close the container of rice after use.

How to get rid of rice lice

So what if your rice is already infested with lice?

There are several ways to get rid of rice lice that you can follow, such as:

  • store the rice in the refrigerator at 0 degrees Celsius for three to four days;
  • heat the rice at 60 degrees Celsius for one to two hours;
  • dry the rice in the sun for several hours;
  • keep rice away from other foods;
  • store bay leaves in a rice container;
  • sprinkling cloves in a bowl of rice; and
  • Use garlic or ginger to repel lice.


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