How to keep Tempe so hard and fresh, it does not go wrong!

How to keep Tempe so hard and fresh, it does not go wrong!

The easiest way to store tempeh so that it lasts is to put it in the refrigerator. This is really the simplest and quite effective way. However, if you want the tempeh to last longer and not turn so quickly, there are some tips you can try!

As one of the ingredients that is easy to get and at a cheap price, tempeh can be a must-have at home.

In addition, tempeh is an ingredient in everyday family dishes that can be stored for a long time.

Although it can be stored for a long time, tempeh needs special attention in terms of storage.

The reason is, although the fermentation process in tempe is included in the natural preservation process, the high water content in the tempe may be susceptible to rot.

If not stored properly, tempeh can become stale and rotten. here we go.

So, for those of you who want to know how to store tempeh so it lasts, here we go hold on this article to the end.

The reason is, has presented information on how to store tempeh so that it lasts, which you can see in the following description.

How to watch Tempe so hard

1. Choose Tempe Quality


First, you need to choose quality and fresh tempeh.

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The characteristic of quality tempeh is that it always feels firm when pressed lightly.

So, the color should always be yellow and the tempeh mushrooms should be white and thick.

Do not choose tempeh that is black or brown in color.

2. Check Temperature First

After that, keep the tempe at room temperature before the temperature drops.

When the tempeh is cold, it can be processed and stored in the refrigerator.

This is done to maintain a constant decrease in the temperature of the ingredients so that the quality remains good.

3. Give seasoning before storing Tempeh

seasoned tempeh

To keep tempeh fresh, you can rub the seasoning on first before storing.

The way it can be done is to grind the garlic and salt to taste, then dissolve it with a little water.

Use this solution to soak the tempeh you bought before storing it in the fridge.

When the spices have absorbed, you can transfer the tempeh to an airtight box and store in the refrigerator.

It should be understood, garlic and salt used as natural preservatives that can maintain the quality of tempeh.

4. Storing Tempeh in a Closed Container

The next way to store tempeh so that it lasts is to put the processed soy in a closed and airtight container.

This step is designed so that the surface of the temple does not wrinkle.

When it is wrinkled, the taste of tempeh becomes less tasty.

5. No Saving on Freezer

Although many food ingredients are durable when they have been stored freezer, this does not apply to tempeh.

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You have to pay attention, do not let the Property People save tempeh on freezer, of

The reason is, this step can change the taste, the texture, the color.

So, store it on the shelf of a regular refrigerator.

Later, when it will be treated, remove it from the refrigerator and leave the tempe for 10-15 minutes until the inside of the tempe is not cold.

The texture of your tempeh dishes can definitely return to normal and not too hard.


So, this is how to store tempeh so hard that you can see.

I hope this article can be useful for you, ok?

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