How to Install the Correct 3 Wired Fan Capacitor

How to Install the Correct 3 Wired Fan Capacitor

how to install a 3 wire fan capacitor

The fan at home can not turn? It could be the cause is damage to the capacitor. No need to call a technician, you can replace the capacitor at home. Here’s how to install the correct 3 wire fan capacitor!

Property People, fans are one of the electronic goods in the homes of the Indonesian people

Fans are available in many types, ranging from hanging fans, wall fans, and small fans that are placed on the table.

As an electronic item that is used every day, there is a possibility that the fan will break one day.

The most common damage is the fan blades not turning.

There is a possibility that the cause is damage to the condenser installed in the fan.

So what is the schematic for installing a 3 wire fan capacitor?

Go ahead, learn through the explanation below.

Working system of fan capacitors

how to install a 3 wire fan capacitor

Basically, the capacitor serves to accommodate the electrical charge.

The existence of a capacitor can prevent surges in the electric current when the fan is on or off.

The operation of the fan condenser is as follows:

  • The electrical charge on the capacitor has enough energy to trigger motion in the rotor. After the rotor is activated, then the fan blades will rotate.
  • When the fan is turned off, the remaining electrical charge will be stored in the capacitor. This causes the speed of the fan blades to slow down until it finally stops completely.
  • The size of the condenser corresponds to the size of the fan. The larger sizes of the capacitors are faster and stronger when they activate the movement of the fan.
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nah There are some symptoms that indicate that the fan in the house has damage to the condenser.

Signs of a damaged fan capacitor

Collect Whereeaglesfly.comThere are several signs that the fan is damaged in the capacitor section.

The signs are as follows:

  • When turned on, the fan hums, but does not spin immediately.
  • The fan leaves on the fan must be rotated with the help of the hands first to be able to rotate quickly.
  • The fan does not spin at all.

How to install a 3 wire fan capacitor

Diagram of how to install a 3 wire fan capacitor


After confirming the signs of damage, you can immediately replace the fan capacitor with a new one.

Launch, here’s how to install the correct 3-wire fan capacitor.

Tools and materials

  • screwdriver
  • Knife or scissors
  • Electrical cable insulation, black color

How to Install Fan Condenser 3 Wired Correct

1. Open the cover or close the fan, removing the bolts with the screwdriver that has been prepared.

2. Cut the two wires connected to the two terminals of the capacitor and take out the damaged capacitor.

3. Install the new capacitor by connecting the wires that were previously cut.

4. Connect the cable using a special electrical cable insulation.

5. Make sure that the connection of the power cable is packed perfectly and there is no leakage of electricity.

6. Next, close the fan cover again. Do not forget to tighten the bolts with a screwdriver.

7. Once closed, try to turn on the fan. If the capacitor cable installation is correct, the fan will return to normal rotation,

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8. If the fan is not turned, disassemble it again and make sure that the 3-wire capacitor is installed correctly.


There is not only how to install a 3-wire hanging fan condenser, there is also how to install a gacun 5 cable in a Polytron LED TV.

Hope useful, yes.

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