How to install proper and safe lightning protection at home

How to install proper and safe lightning protection at home

how to install the correct lightning rod

When it rains, lightning often strikes suddenly. To be sure, let’s find out how to install the correct lightning rod below.

High rainfall often coincides with the arrival of flashes of light from lightning.

You need to watch out for this lightning so it doesn’t hit the house.

Please note, lightning contains very high electrical voltage and can damage objects it touches.

Even worse, lightning can endanger human life as well as the environment.

Thus, installing a lightning protection device or device at home is highly recommended.

You can try how to install anti-lightning with anti-lightning products whose prices are increasingly affordable.

So, to make it easier, let’s find out how to install the correct lightning rod below.

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Definition of lightning protection

The fuse is a component or device that functions to transmit electricity from lightning to the ground.

The shape of lightning is usually in the form of a sharp iron that stops at the end of the building or house.

According to the book of Integrated Science SMP and MTs 3A by Mikrajuddi, et al, a lightning bolt is a device made of a copper metal rod with a pointed top connected to the ground by a metal cable.

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There are several components that support the operation of lightning rods, ie split (rod rod that is at the top similar to a spear), conductor wire, and grounding (Introductory media embedded in the ground or ground location).

Types of Lightning Protection for Homes

home lightning protection function


1. Electrostatic lightning arrester

This lightning rod uses eearly streamer issue right DIFFERENT

Installation with wide coverage and usually without cables.

2. Conventional Lightning Protection

Many people already use this type of lightning rod.

The shape resembles a pole with a conductor cable.

Benefits of installing Lightning Home Protection

However, lightning rods are also very useful for buildings and structures that are tall and prone to strikes.

The following are a number of advantages of installing lightning rods at home, viz

  1. It can avoid electronic damage if struck by lightning.
  2. Avoiding victims resulting from lightning even at home.
  3. Protects cable connections inside and outside the house.
  4. It is best to use lightning installation services to provide protection for your home and family.

How to install lightning protection

how to install lightning rods in the house right


The lightning rod is a rod-shaped device like a spear with a metallic material and wires inside.

Lightning rod components there are 3 parts, namely split or lightning rod, conductor wire, and grounding or grounding.

So, how do you install a lightning rod? Check the steps below.

1. Spear Mounting Position

To install a massive conventional lightning rod, several spears or split.

Place several spears at the point of the building area and position them with a maximum distance of 6 meters for each spear.

Then each spear is connected with a copper cable to the installation grounding.

2. System installation Half the earth

nah grounding is a tool that can neutralize electricity in the ground.

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How to install grounding by drilling on the surface of the earth to a depth of 12 meters.

However, there are certain conditions that can only be planted at a depth of 1 meter to 4 meters.

3. Installation of Lightning Transmission Cables

After the lightning rod spear and system grounding installed correctly, the next step is to install the cable.

You can connect both parts in one circuit.

Therefore, choose the type of cable with copper material and a good conductive layer of rubber so that it lasts a long time when used.

How Home Lightning Arrester Works

how does a home lightning rod work


Launch from the page, Here’s how a home lightning rod works.

  1. When lightning strikes, there will be a lot of negative electrical charge under the cloud.
  2. Then, the positive electric charge on the surface of the earth also rose.
  3. In accordance with the principle of physics that negative and positive charges will attract each other.
  4. Then the positive electric charge from the ground will also rise up through the conductor cable that is installed at the end of the device.
  5. Then, the two flux charges will attract each other more and more strongly.
  6. The result of this attraction produces high voltage electricity which then returns to the ground.

Unfortunately, even if you have installed surge protectors at home, lightning strikes can still occur via other electrical networks.

This is what could damage the electronic goods in the house to cause a fire.

Therefore, it is really necessary to neutralize other electric currents, viz surge protector.


This is information on how to install a lightning rod that is correct and safe at home.

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