How to install glass block on Concrete Dak, Natural lighting solution!

How to install glass block on Concrete Dak, Natural lighting solution!

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How to install glass block in concrete that builders, housing developers and home contractors need to know. How how? This article will review in detail.

The development of home design continues to move towards natural and ecological concepts or better known as natural home designs.

The concept began to be seen by many people and applied to housing in urban areas.

One of the characteristics of a house with a natural style is that every room receives natural light from the sun during the day.

Either through the wooden window that has a large opening or the internal garden area that is in the middle of the house.

For those who do not like large windows and no space to create an interior garden, you can apply the technology skylight

What is Skylight?

skylight glass block


Skylight is a transparent roof technology that can maximize the sunlight entering from the roof of the house.

That is, with the application of this technology, you can reduce the use of electricity and the house is not easily humid.

Not only that, I use it skylight it can give a different touch to the ceiling. As a result, your home will look more aesthetic.

To make a roof skylightYou can use materials ranging from plastic, fiber to glass. Just add to the design of your home.

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Considering durability and durability, you should choose glass. One of the glass materials that can be chosen is glass block.

Election glass block This is suitable for houses with concrete roof designs.

Tips for determining glass block points

determination of glass blocking point


The first step that must be considered is to determine the point glass block instead of windows.

There are a number of things to consider, starting from the direction of the sun, the size of the room, to the thickness of the concrete roof.

For more details, see the following short review:


Placement skylight it must follow the direction of the sun.

This must be considered carefully so that the sunlight can enter optimally, whatever the seasonal conditions.

Placement skylight The slope facing south will make the room warm.

While the north-facing installation will produce soft sunlight throughout the day.

Room size

For a room with an area of ​​six square meters, it is enough to use six points glass block.

The six points can be placed at either end of the room.

The bigger the room, the more glass blocks there will be.

But don’t let it go above quantity, because it can really make the room too bright and warm.

Thickness of the concrete roof

Third, make sure it’s thick glass block and the concrete roof is suitable.

Do not let the height difference between the two elements of this building.

If there is a difference in altitude, it can create puddles during the rainy season.

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Also, it makes the dwelling less beautiful.

How to install Glass Block on Concrete Dak

how to install glass block on concrete

Source: Youtube/ade kurnia

When all the tips above have been understood, it’s time to move on to how to install glass block the dark cement.

The installation method is really easy to do by builders or experts.

First, make sure the area to be the installation point glass block it was made alias drilled is not covered by formwork.

In order not to fall into the pit, glass block given a reminder thread attached to the iron around it.

Check again if the thread is closed perfectly glass block. If so, it’s time to make the concrete casting as the roof of the house.

Wait a few days, then skylight you can enjoy


I hope it inspires you, Property!

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