How to install Gacun 5 cables on a Polytron LED TV

How to install Gacun 5 cables on a Polytron LED TV

how to install a 5-cable cable

How to install 5 cables each that can help the technician Polytron LED TV work to complete the job. Go find out more here!

The term gacun may already be familiar to electronics technicians.

Gacun is a super small kit no bigger than a match pack, but very powerful for repairing surrounding damage power supply regulator.

This tool is a PWM circuit that is used as an alternative to the regulator.

Gacun is also commonly called change because it is a model change.

This electronic device is usually installed in tube TV, LED TV, and other electronic goods.

Gacon cable installation error 5

In its use, some novice technicians often complain of many problems, including unstable voltage results, the FET heats up quickly, and other damages occur to the secondary regulator circuit.

It could be that the problem is that the technician incorrectly installed the poison on the electronic device.

Therefore, a technician must know how to properly and correctly install each one.

So, this time, News Indonesia will share how to install each 5 Led TV cables.

Launch Brantazena.comHere’s how to install a 5-cable jack on a Polytron LED TV.

How to install Gacun 5 cables on a Polytron LED TV

how to install a 5-cable cable


1. Open some components in the primary block like FET, Ic PWM.

2. After opening, connect the cable number 1 which is yellow with the collector section of the PCB or middle part of the Fet.

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3. Then connect the black cable black 2 to the ground on the PCB power supply or on the (-) elko 400 volts.

4. Next, welding wire number 3 or red wire to medium 15-18-20 Volt. To find a voltage of 15-18-20 Volts, it is usually located on a number of resistors that are in series with the PWM IC line.

5. Next, on cable number 4 or white cable, solder to the optocoupler pin on the path that goes to the PWM IC.

6. The next step, connect with the welding cable number 5 or green wire to the section elko (+) or a voltage of 300-400 Volts.

7. After the installation is complete, try to turn on the power. If the voltage 5 Volt is out it means power supply they worked

8. Plug in the mainboard socket and turn all voltages back.

9. Re-measure all the output voltages if they are in accordance with the requirements or not.

10. If it is appropriate, then modify it power supply the use of poison is over.

11. Do not forget to install heat sink on the FET so that it can dissipate the heat.

Uses of Gacu 5 Cables

Collect There are many uses for poison other than a temporary substitute for regulators and power supply.

Gacun can be used for various needs, as long as you put the voltage through the winding to the collector of the Gacun FET then there is always an induction voltage.

Nahthis voltage induction can be used for many requirements as follows:

  • Make a dc to dc inverter.
  • Make LED TVs LED.
  • Stun the fish.
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It’s how to install 5 wires for Polytron LED TV that beginners and senior technicians can learn.

Hope useful, Property People.

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