How to install Gacun 3 cables on Sharp, Polytron and Chinese Brand LED TVs

How to install Gacun 3 cables on Sharp, Polytron and Chinese Brand LED TVs

how to install a 3-cable cable

How to install 3-cable gacun in Chinese LED TV, Sharp Tube TV, and Polytron TV to help new electronics technicians to work. Go ahead, find out more details.

Do you know which parts are often damaged in tube TVs and LED TVs?

From some of the information that has been collected, it appears that the part of the TV that is easily damaged is the part power supply regulator.

Power supply The regulator functions as a voltage provider or power source for electronic equipment.

If this part is damaged, the technician will fix it by installing a poison.

This is because the gacun can be an alternative to a regulator with a simple form.

There are two gacuns that are often used by electronics technicians, namely the 3-wire gacun and the 3-wire gacun. each cable 5.

For those of you who are curious and need information on how to install a 3-wire gacun, you do not need to worry, has put together.

Here’s how to install each 3-cable for various types and brands of televisions.

How to install Gacun 3 cables on a Sharp Tube TV

how to install a 3-cable cable


Launched by Pcbservis, there is an easy way to install 3 module cables power supply or gaco on TV.

1. Disconnect or remove the transistor change original

2. Connect the red wire from the gacun to the leg of the collector in the middle.

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3. Connect the black cable on land

4. Next, install or install the module heat sink.

5. Install the blue cable that functions as protection in case of overload and voltage stabilizer output module.

6. You connect the blue cable to the leg optocoupler in section output.

7. If you have installed all the cables, do the charging termination output horizontal transistor.

8. Turn on the PSU and try to measure the output voltage B +.

9. If the required voltage is still insufficient or even excessive, then trim / adjust the trimpot in the module until you find the appropriate / necessary voltage. Usually the voltage B + is 90 volts, 110 volts, 115 volts.

How to install Gacun 3 cables on a Polytron TV

how to install a 3-cable gacung on tv


Summary, here’s how to install a 3-cable gacun in a Polytron television.

1. Remove the main transistor or FET and install the poison module.

2. Connect the red lead to the pin C of the soldering pad, it is on change transistor.

3. Connect the black cable to land main television or solder on the transistor pin change

4. Turn on the television with the module installed. You need to do this to get the tension output It is necessary.

5. Next, connect the blue cable to pin C and pin E position that you have connected land

6. If the module experiences interference after installation, disconnect other components on pin C from change transistor and also a parallel circuit connected to R1 in the primary side of the transformer change

7. So, if the module does not work, then you need to check the primary and secondary rectifier diodes.

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8. If the TV turns out to be plugged in power supply special and not compatible with any 3-wire. Then the choke module must be adjusted to lower the voltage so as not to damage the components.

9. Then turn on the television, if it can not turn on, do a new check in the circuit turn off

10. When turn off already connected correctly, then you can connect one of the resistors with a power of 4.7k / 10 watts to 8.2k / 5 watts between B + and land


It will be easier for you to understand the installation of the 3-cable connector when you have the basics of the electronic world.

Hope useful, yes.

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