How to install concrete list for proper ventilation

How to install concrete list for proper ventilation

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How to install a list of cement like a vent is quite easy. Learn how here, go!

Today, the use of the concrete roster is in great demand because it offers many benefits.

In addition to being able to provide a more attractive visual appearance on the residential facade, the list can also be an air path.

Roster can be applied in many ways, it can be as ventilation above the door or window to be used as a wall of roster.

Speaking of ventilation, the list wall can also act as a ventilation and also a light source.

Thus, the room of the house will have a better air circulation and be brighter without the use of additional lights.

Interested in learning how to install a concrete slab? Here are the ways you can follow!

How to install the correct concrete list

1. Define the planning model

how to install a concrete list

Before starting the process of installing a concrete list, you must first make a model plan.

The list can be set up with a variety of templates and can also be added to the selected list form.

This planning of the model is also applied when you want to arrange a list of concrete as a ventilation wall.

2. Measure the part to be installed on the list

how to install a concrete list

After determining the desired model, take measurements on the part to be installed roster.

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This measurement process is very important, because it plays a role as a determinant of the distance of the placement of the list to be installed.

For more accurate results, you can also try the measurement method using it the spirit passes.

3. Pull Rope Special Yarn for Roster

list design

How to install a concrete list can be done with a rope so that the process is easy and the results are straight, clean and precise.

In general, this process is not very different from the installation of bricks.

Pull the string according to the pattern you want and make sure the thread is completely straight.

This thread serves as a model line in how to install the concrete roster.

Therefore, if the installation is not straight, most likely the list of cement installed is not right.

4. Process Chipping

how to install a concrete list

Before setting up the concrete roster, you need to do it chipping or slightly damage the part of the wall to which the concrete roster will be installed.

This is very important so that the cement used to install the concrete roster can be perfectly glued.

5. Concrete Roster Installation

roster chipping

There are several tools and materials that must be prepared in order to install a concrete list, including the following:

After the tools and materials are ready, make a cement mixture as an adhesive for the cement list.

Organize the cement list according to the desired model following the threads that have been installed.

Glue each arrangement of the cement list with the prepared cement mixture.

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After the entire roster is installed, clean the remaining cement on the grout with a cloth.

Make a white cement mixture, then put in the grout part of the cement roster that has been installed.

Sand the concrete roster that has been given a white cement grout so that the results are clean.

6. Painting

how to install a concrete list

This painting process is optional, so you can leave the list installed without needing to paint.

But if you want to paint the list, you need a paint sprayer for maximum results.

How to paint the list is quite easy. Just prepare the paint according to your needs and apply it with a paint sprayer.

For the type of paint used, you can use the exterior paint of the building.


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