How to install cheap and correct aluminum frames

How to install cheap and correct aluminum frames

Aluminum frame

Confused about how to install aluminum frames at home? Go ahead, see the tips and steps in the next article.

Sills are one of the things that can make our homes more beautiful and luxurious.

In general, the frame is made of wood.

But there are also other types of frames that use aluminum as the main ingredient.

Aluminum has many advantages over wood, such as termite resistance, strength, durability and resistance to various types of extreme weather.

Although it has many advantages compared to other types of wood.

Aluminum frames require special handling in their installation.

Because if it is not, the frame will be easily damaged and not durable.

For those of you who want to install aluminum frames yourself at home, you should read the following article until it is finished.

Come on, let’s just look at the steps below.

How to install the Right Aluminum Frame

1. Prepare Tools and Materials

how to install aluminum framing tools and materials

Source: Casa bella

The first thing you should do is prepare the tools and materials.

Here are some of them:

  1. Aluminum frame
  2. Doors or windows
  3. Fischer
  4. Life
  5. ribbon
  6. Sealant or cement mortar
  7. screwdriver
  8. Electric drill
  9. Wooden or rubber wedges
  10. ladder
  11. Lem
  12. wide

After preparing the eleven materials and tools above, you can move on to the next stage, that is, smooth the walls.

2. Smooth the Wall of the House

The main function why the wall must be smoothed first is so that the surface that is attached to the frame is perfectly glued.

This process can be done with the application of plaster to this part, then grinding it until the texture is precise and symmetrical.

Or you can also use sandpaper.

Try to make sure that the size of the hole in the wall is not exactly the same as the size of the frame, but an allowance of about half a centimeter is given to make it easier for you to insert the frame into the hole the wall .

3. Make a Hole to Attach the Frame

how to install an aluminum frame with screws

Source: Jawara Corporation

The next way to attach the aluminum frame is to make the holes so that the frame stops perfectly.

The steps are quite easy, make a screw mounting hole fischer on the side of the inner wall with an electric drill.

Place square in the hole in the wall of the house according to the mark that was made before.

Then give a sign square is at the point where the Fischer screw will be installed.

Try to make the mark on this frame must be in a parallel and straight position with the hole in the wall so that the screw. fischer can be installed perfectly.

4. Install the Aluminum Frame

Then you can add the frame to the wall or part of the house that has been prepared.

You can put the frame in the right hole in the wall.

Then install the screws fischer which maintains its position with a drill.

Add a rubber cap to the screw and then cut off the part of the rubber that protrudes from the surface square to make it look cleaner.

5. Install Porte or Windows

how to install aluminum sills install windows


Finally, all you have to do is install doors or windows on the aluminum frames that have been installed on the walls of the house.

Do this step carefully.

Do not let the jamb slide when installed.

When everything is installed, test the window or door several times to determine if there is a problem.

If there are parts that sound or do not fit.


So, those are tips and how to install aluminum sills that are good and fair.

If you find it difficult to install, you can call a builder or an expert for maximum results.

We hope this article is useful, Property People!

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