How to install analog TV, LCD and LED Set Top Box of different brands

How to install analog TV, LCD and LED Set Top Box of different brands

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Do you want to turn your analog, LCD and LED TV into a digital TV? Learn how to install the following different brands of set top boxes, let’s go!

Some time ago, the Minister of Communications and Information Technology Johnny G. Plate announced that analog television broadcasting would be eliminated.

The termination process is expected to be completed no later than November 2, 2022.

Thus, people can no longer use analog TV and have to start switching to digital TV.

If you are still using analog TV but want to get digital broadcasts, you can use a tool called set top box.

You know how to install it, yes!

Set Top Box Equipment

set top box


Before you know how to install a set top box in a TV, you should know what are the completeness in a package set top box.

Here is the equipment you need to check:

  • Set top box unit
  • Antenna cable
  • Charger or adapter
  • RCA cable or audio video cable
  • Cable LAN, WLAN
  • HDMI cable (some sold separately)
  • Remote and battery
  • Guide

Once the equipment has been checked, read the instruction book included in the purchase package.

Various brands set top box It may not include instructions in Indonesian, so you need translation assistance such as Google Translate.

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In the manual, there is usually information about what the unit contains set top box him

The following slot o harbor which is usually on set top box: :

  • Port ANT IN dan ANT OUT
  • Port adapter
  • RCA port
  • HDMI port
  • USB port
  • LAN port
  • microSD slot (not all available)

How to install a Set Top Box

1. How to install a Tube or Analog TV Set Top Box

tv tube


To install a tube or an analog TV set top box, first prepare the antenna cable.

Connect one end to the antenna and the other end to the ANT IN port set top boxwhile the ANT OUT / loop port doesn’t really matter if it’s not used.

However, if you still use analog TV occasionally, the antenna port on the TV must be connected to the ANT OUT port.

After preparing the RCA cable on the unit set top boxthe cable usually has three sockets in red, white and yellow.

Attach the socket to the RCA hole in the back set top box depending on the color.

Check the AC hole on the analog TV, add the RCA cable according to the color. Some TV brands have holes jack which is a lot, meaning it has more than one AV mode.

Install it jack the adapter cable on set top boxusually there is a description on the hole, then insert the adapter into the stop the contact.

After the adapter is connected, press the power button set top box. Usually set top box It has two power buttons, on the back and front.

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Turn on the TV, then switch to AV mode as with a DVD player.

If it can’t, then there is an error in the RCA cabling.

2. How to Install the LED and LCD TV Set Top Box

led tv


How to install a set top box on an LCD or LED TV is almost the same as an analog TV, but it is easier because you can use an HDMI cable.

With an HDMI cable, you don’t need to use an RCA cable.

An HDMI cable will also produce a clearer and more comfortable picture quality.

For LED TVs, once everything is connected and T is enabled, switch to HDMI mode.

If HDMI 1 does not appear, try HDMI 2 and so on.


Hope this article is helpful, Friend 99!

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