How to install ACP and its Building Steps

How to install ACP and its Building Steps

How to Install a New Aluminum Composite Panel

To make the building more robust, let’s find out how to install ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) with the steps here!

In a house, one of the equipment used is Aluminum Composite Panel.

This type of panel is often used as a finished against the outer wall surface.

As a result, the ACP will make the buildings look more luxurious, elegant and futuristic with different shapes.

Therefore, the installation process of the ACP must be known so that it looks clean and precise in front.

If Property People want to install ACP there are a number of things that should be known in general to make the pair better.

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How to install ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) with the steps

There are four stages that you can explore, including the following: :

1. Initial Stage How to Install ACP

Steps to install ACP


The first task that should be initiated by technical and non-technical work.

The technical phase includes the mob demonstration of the tools, materials and labor required.

It is also necessary to prepare auxiliary tools to support the work such as scaffolding.

The use of materials must also be carried out carefully, in the purchase of ACP.

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Meanwhile, for non-technical purposes it may be related to making design drawings and others, including material requirements in certain units.

2. Manufacturing and Assembly of ACP

Example of ACP scheme


The Aluminum Composite Panel is installed on a frame that has been specially prepared.

In making the frame, we must pay attention to the structure according to the conditions of the project site and the specified specifications.

The manufacture of ACP frames should also require the following:

  1. Galvanized cable or hollow aluminum
  2. Elbow bracket

3. Calculating the Size and Initial Stage of ACP Installation

Aluminum Composite Panel For M2

Source: Jasa

After the steps above, make a module that has been adapted to the frame.

There are several essential starting tools hand router big, small and router CNC, then do the cutting and manufacturing of the products according to the size.

Once the ACP module has been installed, the next job is to bend the curves and provide the aluminum supports.

On the support side, you can use spigots or stiffeners that are used to close the ACP to the frame with screws.

The number of brackets that must be installed can be adjusted according to the standard, for example, 100 x 100 cm which is arranged in eight pieces at the top and bottom.

After calculating the size, you can attach with screws from the bracket to the steel and with the help of wire to do it directly from one end to the other.

4. Installation Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

Source: Jasa

ACP installation can be done on walls, ceilings, partitions, furniture and so on for buildings.

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So that the ACP can be used with the best quality of installation, you can find the tools and the following process:

Tools and Materials Used

Before doing the installation, you can prepare the following tools and materials:

  1. Rope or thread
  2. Cable iron or aluminum
  3. Welding machine
  4. The iron elbow
  5. Boron
  6. Life
  7. ACP that was cut decomposed
  8. adhesive tape
  9. Silicone sealant

How to install ACP and the Steps

  1. Pull the wire or rope on the wall of the building to install the frame hollow seems straight.
  2. Put her down hollow vertically according to the pull of the wire, then given an iron elbow.
  3. Drill the walls of the building to be able to screw the metal parts.
  4. Keep going hollow horizontally with hollow vertical that can form an ACP truss.
  5. Install the ACP on the frame hollow
  6. Then, give sealant in the gap between the ACP (Nad). However, before that, tear off the protective layer on the edge of the ACP to make it easier to deliver sealant
  7. Give me the duct tape sealant no mess
  8. Fill Nad with silicone sealant
  9. If sealant When it is dry enough, remove the ACP shield and the adhesive tape.


Here are some things you need to know about installing ACP with steps.

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