How to install a simple, safe and aesthetic LED strip

How to install a simple, safe and aesthetic LED strip


In the apartment, artificial lighting systems play a role that is no less important than natural lighting. From a technological and design point of view, artificial lighting in the form of LED lamps has numerous advantages. LED lights produce bright light and save electricity. It is not surprising that now LED lights are widely used in modern homes.

LED lamps are also available in long series LED strip light which is very flexible for lighting and decorating the house. Due to its unique shape, the installation method of LED lamps is different from the installation method of ordinary LED lights. Follow these steps to make the installation of LED strips on the ceiling effective!

Determine the installation location of the LED lamps

Select the area where you will install the LED strip. This lamp is usually more suitable for installation on a type of suspended ceiling or a ceiling that has a niche on the edge. The method of installing LED strips on suspended ceilings is also more practical than ordinary ceilings because there is no need to make an additional cover to hide the LED strips. The emitted light is even more beautiful.

LED lamps can also be installed in several other parts of the house, such as kitchen set, the edge of the bed, the display stand, to the wardrobe. Not only for lighting, LED lamps are also installed as decorative lamps that give dimension to furniture and home decorative elements.

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The light of the LED strip also gives a warm impression, which makes it suitable for those of you who want to bring a new atmosphere to your home.

How to install a simple, safe and aesthetic LED strip

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Measure the need for LED strips

The next way to install LED strip lights is to measure the length of the strip. LED lamps are available by the meter with a maximum length of 5 meters. If you need LED strips longer than 5 meters, a connection with a parallel wiring system is required in order to distribute the light produced evenly between one strip and the connection.

How to install a simple, safe and aesthetic LED strip

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Attach the LED strip to the ceiling

After the LED strips are measured to fit, the next way to install the LED strips is to glue the LED strips to the ceiling. Use the adhesive provided on the back of the LED strip or apply additional adhesive if the existing adhesive is not strong enough.

Hiding LED strip lights in the ceiling niche is also one of the ways to install LED strip lights on the ceiling to make it more aesthetic. If the LED strip is placed discreetly, the light will be reflected. LED strip lights will appear brighter and the light will be more even.

How to install a simple, safe and aesthetic LED strip

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Connect properly to the power source

The next tip on how to install LED ceiling lights at home is to know the right source and voltage for the LED lights. This lamp usually uses an electrical voltage of 12 volts. If it is less than this number, the light produced will be less than optimal. Meanwhile, if the voltage is higher, the LED strip lights are in danger of short circuit.

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If the voltage is correct, solder the ends of the LED strip lamps to the switch and power supply. Remember to pay attention to the positive and negative poles on the lamp to avoid the risk of an electrical short circuit.

If everything is suitable, you can try to turn on the LED strip lights. Pay attention to whether the brightness level of the LED light is even. If not, check the current connection and position of the lamp attachment. Do not allow anything to block the light of the LED ceiling light.

How to install a simple, safe and aesthetic LED strip

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Here’s how to install LED strip lights that are easy and effective to do at home. I need advice and interior inspiration other? Find your different needs, starting with construction products and materials to consultation with an interior designer to us, only in Archives!