How to install a Set Top Box so you can watch digital TV broadcasts

How to install a Set Top Box so you can watch digital TV broadcasts

how to install a set top box

Set top box aka STB is a device used to be able to enjoy digital broadcasts on analog TV. Go ahead, see how to install it set top box in this article.

National analog television broadcasting was stopped by the government through the policy of ashutdown nalog alias ASO.

So that, current television broadcast completely switched to digital channels.

Citation pages Detik.comSpecial Staff of the Minister of Communication and Information, Rosarita Niken Widiastuti said that this was done to provide the best broadcast quality.

“People will get cleaner picture broadcasts, clear sound and clear vision,” said Rosarita.

To watch digital TV broadcasts, you need set top box order analog television.

Well, for those of you who don’t understand what STB is, let’s follow the full explanation below.

To find out Set Top Box Digital TV

how to install stb


Quoted from the page, set top box is a device that works to convert broadcast images and audio from digital signals, so that they can be displayed on analog TV.

With set top box digital tv, device analog television it can also be used to watch digital broadcasts.

Therefore, you do not need to buy a new television that supports digital broadcasting services.

In general, STB devices are equipped with several slots, including e.gort ANT IN dan ANT OUT, adapter, RCA portport HDMI, USB, LAN port.

As for the price set top box tube tv ranges from Rp. 100 thousand to Rp. 250 thousand, depending on the features embedded in it.

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When you buy the device, you will need a unit set top box (STB), antenna cable, and charger.

In addition, in the STB device there is also an audio video cable LAN o Wi-FiHDMI cable, far away batteries and user manual.

So, how to install an analog TV set top box?

Let’s take a look together, describe the following

How to install STB

how to attach a set top box to a TV tube


  • Prepare the device set top box tv and analog television.
  • Make sure that the STB you buy is of the DVB-T2 type, which supports the antenna connections in the Analog TV.
  • Make sure the analog TV is in an off condition aka turn off.
  • Disconnect the antenna cable that was installed in the analog TV.
  • Connect the antenna cable to the designated port “ANT IN”which is on the back of the STB
  • How to install set top box to the next TV tube, is to connect the HDMI cable from harbor on STB on TV.
  • Connect it with an AV cable whose connector ends are red, yellow and white, if your television does not support the HDMI connection.
  • She was box The digital TV has been connected to power, so turn on the STB and analog TV.
  • Then, enter the analog TV settings menu, select the AV display mode.
  • Then less box set appears, select a channel search option.
  • When the list of digital broadcast channels appears, select the backup option and you can immediately enjoy digital broadcasts on analog TV.

How to install Set Top Box on LED TV

how to install Polytron set top box


In addition to analog TV, STB devices can also be used in LED or LCD TVs.

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As for attaching the STB to an LED or LCD TV as follows:

  • Prepare an STB device and an LED/LCD TV as well as an HDMI cable.
  • Then, connect the antenna cable to the ANT-IN port on the STB.
  • The next step, plug the HDMI cable from the set top box to the TV according to the port.
  • The next way to connect the STB to the TV is to connect the STB with an RCA cable
  • Then turn on the TV and press the Source button on the remote control.
  • Then, switch to HDMI or audio/video mode.
  • Next step, turn on the STB and wait for the menu display to appear.
  • Press the Menu button on the remote control
  • Select the Broadcast Search option, then Auto Search.
  • Wait until all channels are scanned.
  • Choose the backup option and you’re done.


This is the explanation of how to install it set top box so that the Property People can enjoy digital television broadcasts.

I hope this article can add information and be useful for you, yes!

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