How to install a Matrix Set Top Box on an LED TV. Easy and practical!

How to install a Matrix Set Top Box on an LED TV. Easy and practical!

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Do you want to know how to install a matrix set top box on an LED TV? You can do this in several ways. Go ahead, see the steps below!

Lately, Indonesians are confused about Digital TV Set Top Box or STB.

STB itself is a device that has a function to convert analog broadcasts into digital broadcasts.

In the market, there are different choices of STBs from different brands that you can buy to watch digital broadcasts.

One of the most used Set Top Box is STB Matrix.

This device was chosen because it has many advantages!

Advantages of Matrix Set Top Box

how to install a matrix set top box

Launch Blibli.comSet Top Box Matrix has a number of advantages compared to other brands of STBs, including the following:

  • Available harbor specifically for tethering dongle
  • Resolution full HD
  • Strong digital signal
  • In some variants there is the application Mirroring Meecast, which allows the user to see the screen without cables
  • The prices are relatively affordable in the bag

Now, after knowing what the advantages are, let’s go to how to install the Matrix Set Top Box.

How to install Matrix Set Top Box on LED TV

  • Prepare Set Top Bx Matrix and LED TV.
  • Make sure the STB is in good condition off even if connected to the network.
  • Pull the antenna cable or Jack, input to harbor “Ant-In” located at the rear of the STB Matrix.
  • Connect the Matrox STB to the LED TV with RCA cables. In general, this cable has three colors, namely yellow, red and white.
  • Then, connect the RCA cable to the LED TV according to the color.
  • After all the cables are installed, turn on the LED TV with the Polytron, Sharp TV remote, or according to the LED TV brand.
  • Change the mode to AV mode, then press the STB Matrix power button.
  • Next, select the menu button and select Search channels.
  • Go ahead by pressing the auto search button.
  • Wait a few minutes for the digital channel search to complete.
  • After that, save the found channels.
  • Done, you can watch digital TV broadcasts.
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Tips for choosing a quality Set Top Box

how to install a matrix set top box on a Polytron LED TV

1. STB certified by Kominfo

Choose a digital TV Top Box set that has been certified by Kominfo.

This is because the STB, which has a certificate from Kominfo, will be able to capture all the TV channels that have been recognized by the government.

This certification can ensure that the STB used works optimally and is safe to use.

2. Tanda DVB T2

When choosing an STB for LED or analog TV, make sure you look for a Set Top Box that says DVB T2 on the packaging.

Look at the packaging, if there is a DVB T2 sticker and the words “Ready Digital” then the device is sure to be able to capture digital broadcasts optimally.

Also, an STB with the DBV T2 mark indicates a safe device for tube and LED TVs.

3. Read reviews

Finally, you can read the STB reviews that are intended.

You can find many reviews about Set Top Box via the Internet, such as Blogs and Youtube.

If you buy by means marketyou can read ahead magazine from previous buyers.


Nahthis is how to install a matrix set top box in a LED TV

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