How to install a Double Switch and the Steps, Easy!

How to install a Double Switch and the Steps, Easy!

How to install a double switch at home

See how to easily install a double switch for home lighting and the complete steps here.

To support household electricity needs,The double arc is a very important element in the formation of a good electrical house construction.

The reason is, this change component will help the electrical function of the house, making it easier to use.

Change just doesn’t need it only for electricity, but also for home ecosystem devices including generators and water pumps, so that their performance becomes more effective and efficient.

Therefore, the need for a double switch that has a side-by-side position should be an important thing in the home.

What is the use of the dual switch installation method and its operating system? Read the discussion together.

What is Dual Switch?

Double Switch Circuit


Double switches are often called as part of a series switch circuit, because they have a parallel shape with two contact contacts.

In general, the use of this type of switch is useful to control equipment commands with different locations without interfering with other functions.

For example, the left switch is used to turn on the center light, and the right switch is used to turn on the fan.

Although the switch is designed in series, the electrical circuit is always adapted to the needs of the house, both in series and in parallel.

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How to install the Switch Dual Complete

Although the installation of the switch seems easy to do yourself, it should not be done without care.

The reason is, if the installation is done without care it can cause an electric short so that You should also know this like this:

1. Double Switch Gear

Change at home


Before installing the dual switch, you need to prepare the following equipment to simplify the installation process:

  1. The double switch you bought.
  2. NYM cable (copper wire) measuring 1.5mm to 2.5mm thick.
  3. The light fixtures are still decent.
  4. Box bags
  5. Installation pipe
  6. Klem Pipa
  7. screwdriver
  8. thesp
  9. Duct tape, insulation.
  10. combined pliers

2. Establishment of the Switch Place

Initial phase Installation of double switch


The first step you have to do is to prepare a place to install the switch in the house.

The way to do it is to make a point on the wall as a reference for the light switch that has been drilled, based on the reach of the hand and the distance of the walls in the house.

You can adjust the position of the switch near the cabinets and tables to make it easier for users. Next, you can insert three cables that will be connected to the light switch.

3. Home Switch Installation and Installation Process

Double switch installation


Before starting the installation process, make sure you know the electrical circuit in the house.

Although the double switch is in the form of a series lamp, the general electrical installation still gives priority to parallel circuits to function optimally.

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The cable connected to the switch is the main fuse cable, while the other cables will be connected to the light fittings, including the ground cable.

So, the current that is cut is the current on the tespen when it is in, which can reduce the risk of not flashing when it is off. When the fuse strip is disabled, there is a potential for the lamp to die on one side.

Then, you can connect the lights in order without protruding wires that might experience a short circuit.

If the installation of the light switch is connected perfectly, you can organize the cables so that they are clean and not messy.

4. Level Finishing How to install Dual Switch

Finishing the electrical installation


After the electrical installation and the cable circuit have been properly connected, you have entered the stadium finished.

At this stage, you can also reunite the structure of the perforated part to install the switch and close it again with cement and sand.

This process must be carried out as soon as possible, considering that this section can be a nest of animals that damage the electrical ecosystem of the house.

Once it is fully closed, you can test this switch and it is ready to use.

Here are some steps and the process of installing a double switch at home, hopefully it can help those of you who organize installations at home.

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